June 28, 2021

In a year where cozy has solidified its place as king, the return of Gap brand’s iconic Arch Logo Hoodie has taken social media by storm with the help of Gen Z and TikTok.

Spurred earlier this year by this viral  video, the comeback of the Gap hoodie was declared the “trend of 2021.” From that video alone, TikTok's #GapHoodie feed generated more than 5.8M views! The vintage brown hoodie even drew up to $300 on resale sites from customers eager to get their hands on the nostalgic look. Power of our Brands? Absolutely.  

As social media continues to influence fashion like never before, Gap brand’s marketing team is tapping into their Be Customer Curious (one of Gap Inc.’s eight Words to Live By) mindset to engage with customers in an all-new way—one that quickly answers demand and gives customers the opportunity to influence product innovation. The outcome? As of June 26, the now-infamous Brown Logo Hoodie is available for preorder as part of a limited-issue release on Read more here

Also kicking off June 26 through July 2, Gap is inviting the TikTok community to vote on the brand’s next logo hoodie color. The “Gap Hoodie Color Comeback" winner will be announced later this summer, with the hoodie being released this fall. 

Hear more from Gap’s CMO, Mary Alderete, in this interview with Adweek

Gap Arch Hoodie Logo History: 

  • 1995 —The Hoodie started out for Boys and Baby in late 1995. The silhouette of the Hoodie was a pullover with a hood and kangaroo pouch in red, navy, black, and gray. 
  • 1998 —The Hoodie expands to Men’s for Fall. 
  • 1999 —The Logo Hoodie makes its debut on Gap’s e-commerce site. 
  • 2000 —A fleece version of the Hoodie is introduced for Holiday. 
  • 2008 —Girl’s debuts the iconic Logo Hoodie for Fall. 
  • 2010 —Logo Hoodie expands to Women’s for Spring. 


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