Creating For All, With All

When you decide that inclusion isn’t optional, not only do the gaps between us close, but a whole new world of possibilities opens.


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Our People Data

We can’t succeed without the exceptional people who make our company what it is today. To understand where we have room to improve, we're measuring our progress. Learn more about Gap Inc.’s global gender and U.S. racial and ethnic representation data for calendar year 2020. We report on this data annually in our Equality & Belonging report.

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An Update On Our Progress

Last year, we publicly outlined our 2025 Equality & Belonging Commitments and began to lay the groundwork for a racial equality agenda. It focuses on doing more to be a force for good, driving systemic change both in and outside our walls, and enabling a culture of belonging for our teams, customers, and communities.   

In the year that has passed since, we’ve remained steadfast in our approach to  make space to listen, learn and dig deep by continuing our listening sessions,  anti-racism learning journey, internal and external community building, and  evaluating our culture and talent practices from “hire to retire.”   

I’m incredibly proud of the progress we have made thus far to support  today’s necessary and fundamental work and the strategic, game-changing  efforts of the future, including investing in and growing the E&B team to help  drive holistic change throughout our company. Together, we are charting a path  forward to break down barriers to economic opportunity to advance social and  racial equity.  

We will continue to update you on our commitments and progress toward our  2025 goals in future Equality & Belonging reports. We’re committed for the long- term—our commitments serve as a distant mile marker, a guiding light... not a  final destination. The hard work continues. We hope you’re inspired to join us. 

Kisha Modica 
Head of Equality & Belonging

Our Commitments

We can – and we will – do more to be a force for good and break down the centuries-old systems that have held back our Black and Brown communities. Take a look at our commitments and progress to drive systemic change and enable a culture of belonging for our teams, customers, and future generations.

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Transparency: Since 2013, we have publicly reported annually our global gender data and overall U.S. race and ethnicity data of how our employees identify themselves, including at the store and HQ levels. 

Representation: We will double the representation of Black and Latinx employees at all levels in our U.S. HQ offices by 2025 to mirror our customers, with a particular focus on functions that make and market our products to ensure we are creating for all, with all. We also plan to increase representation of Black employees by 50% in our Store Leader roles in the U.S. by 2025. 

Pay Equity: In 2014, we were the first Fortune 500 company to validate with an external firm that we pay women and men equally, and since then, we’ve conducted annual reviews of our pay data by gender. In addition, we’ll have an external firm assess our pay data by race for all U.S. employees, and we’re committed to fixing any disparities we find. 

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Create for All, With All: We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone feels seen in the products we make and sell. As we push for change within the fashion industry, our brands will build and expand initiatives, such as True Hues, to create dedicated product inclusion strategies with a particular focus on Black and diverse consumers. This includes upcoming capsule collections like The Gap Collective, featuring Black designers and artists, as well as formalizing Color Proud Council engagement as a critical and necessary step in brand inclusive product and marketing creation. 

Amplify Black Voices: We’ll thoughtfully and intentionally find ways to amplify diverse voices in our creative and marketing. This means featuring and working with more Black and Latinx talent and partners. 

Online and Store Experiences: Our brands do not stand for the few ––they are Open to All, and we’ll continue to find ways to show up in a bigger way to authentically serve our customers and communities. This includes anti-racism trainings as part of our ongoing employee and customer belonging initiatives. 

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Civic Engagement: We’re committed to removing roadblocks so that employees don't have to choose between voting and work. 

Access and Pipeline: We’ll achieve diverse representation in our pipeline programs through internships and our longstanding This Way Ahead program, with a concerted effort to increase representation of Black talent by 2021. We’ll continue our partnership with Harlem’s Fashion Row as one way to champion the next generation of designers and create access for designers of color to careers in fashion. 

Policy and Advocacy: We’ll optimize our relationship with partners like Open to All, the NAACP, and EmbraceRace to engage with our customers, schools and communities on the topic of racism and social injustice. 

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