We are committed to continually evolving and adopting appropriate corporate governance best practices.

Spools of Fabric

Gap Inc. was founded in 1969 on the principle of conducting our business in a responsible, honest and ethical manner. For us, good corporate governance means going beyond compliance. It means taking a leadership role in instituting and maintaining practices that represent strong business ethics — and ensuring we communicate consistently with our shareholders, customers and neighbors around the world.

Board of Directors

Director Biographies
Board Committee Composition


Committee of Charters

Audit and Finance Committee Charter [pdf]
Compensation and Management Development Committee Charter [pdf]
Governance and Sustainability Committee Charter [pdf]


Corporate Governance Materials

Corporate Governance Fact Sheet [pdf]
Corporate Governance Guidelines [pdf]
Restated Articles of Incorporation [pdf]
Amended and Restated By laws [pdf]


Executive Stock and Compensation Recoupment

Executive Stock Ownership [pdf]
Executive Compensation Recoupment [PDF]


Political Engagement Policy

Gap Inc. Political Engagement Policy [pdf]



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