Modern American Optimism

We are originators and champions of a uniquely radical and optimistic sense of American style that bridges the gaps between individuals, generations, and cultures. Where the essentials are iconic. Where craft and quality endure. Where individuality thrives. Where inclusion sparks creativity. Where we do more than make clothing; we shape culture.

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A brand born in San Francisco in 1969 to unite generations through iconic style.

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We were born in San Francisco and founded in a state of idealism. In 1969, Don and Doris Fisher opened a first of its kind store to meet the needs of the generation gap. In doing so, they created a brand that unites generations through iconic style.

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Gap for Good

Our founder, Don Fisher, firmly believed, "We do more than sell clothes." As champions of individuality, pioneers of inclusivity, shapers of culture, forces for good and believers in possibility – we bridge the gap between individuals, generations and cultures.  

We believe Gap should be a force for good. We are creating positive, sustainable change in the world one stitch at a time.


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Over the last 50 years, we've taken casual American style around the world. We're looking for individuals with confidence, creativity and a can-do attitude who want to make their mark on our next 50 years and have some fun along the way.