August 23, 2019

One of Gap’s trending tee design inspiration came from a 7-years-old. It’s true! It came from a customer named Devin and he is Gap’s newest Flippy Sequin expert.

Flippy Sequins can be seen everywhere these days, including on Gapkids’ denim apparel, t-shirts, bags, backpacks and more. The idea is to brush the sequins up to show a fun reversible graphic surprise. This best seller decal is offered in a wide selection of graphics for everyone, however, Devin shared some encouraging feedback that Gap had to listen to.  

It all started in November 2018, when 6-year-old Devin wrote Gap a letter that read:

“Dear Gap, can you make boy flippy sequin shirts?”  Word spread quickly throughout Gap HQ and eventually got to the design team. After he brainstormed and gushed about his love for rocket ships, busses, and turtles, Devin’s glittery ideas were heard loud and clear.

Gap couldn’t resist Devin’s ingenious ideas. Mashing his ideas together, the design team came out with the Rocket Ship Turtle Flippy Sequin t-shirt that launched July in the 2019 back to school collection. It’s now one of the top-selling tees in the Boys graphic category and Devin will be featured on GapKids’ Instagram rocking his design looking like a superhero!

Devin is a perfect example of what the GapKids’ fall campaign stands for #gaptoschool is a time to push forward into a world of your own creation, especially when that includes rocket ships and turtle t-shirts!  It is the perfect time to create your own style and put your own spin on every day moments.

It is because of awesome kids like Devin that push brands to evolve in this ever-changing retail industry. Social media is a powerful resource for customers to share feedback with us and collaborate. Gap proudly encourages all its customers to push FORWARD, no matter how small or young.


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