Banana Republic

August 3, 2017

We all want clothes that “look good and feel good,” but Banana Republic is taking that concept to a whole new level. And they’re getting inspiration straight from their customers’ mouths (and closets).

So goes the origin story of Banana Republic’s own Fall super hero: The Men’s Rapid Movement Chino.

Over the course of many months, Banana Republic team members spent time getting to know their male customer. And we mean really get to know him. They met with customers – in their homes, in their closets – asking questions about what their days are like, what their interests are, and how that translates into what they want to wear.

“The time we spent in our customers’ homes was critical to driving the innovation with our mills and vendors. We could give our partners real life examples of what our customers needed, and what we wanted to create,” says Cody Vidinich, Merchandising Manager for Banana Republic (and Rapid Movement Chino expert).

Cody Vidinich, Merchandising Manager for Banana Republic, holds up a pair of the newly released Rapid Movement Chinos.

Cody Vidinich, Merchandising Manager for Banana Republic, holds up a pair of the newly released Rapid Movement Chinos.

All in an effort to give the Banana Republic guy something he can’t live without. Something he didn’t even know he was looking for.

And the Banana Republic guy wants to look as amazing at 7pm for drinks as he did at the board meeting that morning — without having to change clothes or even think about it. He wants clothing to be spill-proof and wrinkle-proof, but the feel of the fabric is what’s most important to him above everything else.

And the BR Rapid Movement Chino (or the RMC as we’re calling it here at Gap Inc.) is the answer to the BR customer’s needs.

“Our Rapid Movement Chinos are crafted with a specialized LYCRA® dualFX® fiber that has been carefully engineered to resist stretch and allow for continuous comfort for men on the move,” says Banana Republic’s Senior Vice President of Design, Michael Anderson.

“It’s a brand new fabric that combines style with technology from performance and activewear, but doesn’t compromise quality one bit. The Rapid Movement Chino moves comfortably with you, but also recovers incredibly, for an ‘I just put this on’ look,” says Nicole Wiesman, Vice President of Men’s Design at Banana Republic.

And no one else is making pants that offer all-in-one super powers like stretch, stain resistance, and water repellency, making the RMC a truly evolved pant like never before.

“We wanted to disrupt the marketplace, and give our guy something he didn’t even know he needed from his pants. The North Star was always to create the best pant out there,” says Vidinich.  

And Banana Republic did just that.

The headline is that day to night, plane to business meeting, suitcase to dinner… no wrinkles, no stains: just super stylish pants that always look good and are ridiculously comfortable. The Rapid Movement Chino is saving the day for the man on-the-go.

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