April 21, 2017

Gap teamed up with trainer Jonny Roxx and choreographer Tanisha Scott to create ‘Make Your Move,’ a celebration of the GapFit spring and summer collections, including the launch of GapFit Sculpt. Together, they bring GapFit to life through motion and music in a content series, including videos and GIFS.

The campaign is one of our coolest lately, and we wanted to know the inspiration behind it. Cue Mackenzie Dougherty (PR), Zehra Naqvi (Design), Dan Longsworth and Catherine Russell (both Merchandising).

Q: So we did a video with Jonny Roxx and Tanisha Scott, right? How did the project come about? Can you tell us about it?
A: Yes! Jonny is a fitness trainer, Tanisha is a choreographer, and together, they star in our “Make Your Move” campaign. GapFit was designed to provide comfort and style, making it easy to head from the studio to street, which is perfect for the lifestyles of Jonny and Tanisha. -Mackenzie

Q: What was it like working with them?
A: It was so much fun. Jonny created a full body workout for GapFit, consisting of four key moves: tricep pushups, planks, squats and his favorite move, the burpee. In two tutorial videos Tanisha demonstrates the dance moves she custom-made for GapFit: ‘The XO’ and ‘The Side-Step Stomp.’ -Mackenzie

Q: For anyone who doesn’t know, what is GapFit exactly?
A: GapFit is a full range of activewear for women and men created with the optimal combination of style, technical innovation and comfort. The collection includes ingenious elements, such as Breathe fabric and Aero Mesh. It not only looks good, it feels good. –Mackenzie/Team

Q: And Gap Sculpt?
A: Sculpt is a range of compression shorts and tights for women designed for high intensity workouts. GapFit Sculpt utilizes blackout technology to shape and support, creating an instant body reboot. Sculpt launched this month! –Mackenzie/Team

Q: What are Tanisha and Jonny wearing in the campaign?
A: Jonny wears the Breathe Muscle Tank, 2-in-1 Core Trainer Shorts and Revolution Running Tights, while Tanisha debuts the Sculpt Compression gFast High Rise Leggings and Capris. –Mackenzie

Q: For the product team, specifically, what do you think about when you’re designing the line? What are the most important elements?
A: We want to have a value play. We love that she can come in and get a pair of tights for less than our competitors, even though our quality is excellent. –Dan

Yeah, for us it’s also about being functional. When I design, I think about end use, and how I can make the product the very best for her, so that she’ll want to wear it over and over again. -Zehra

“If it doesn’t perform, it doesn’t belong.” –Dan

Yeah, that’s Dan’s motto. –Catherine

[Laughter] –All

Q: That’s good! And I see that you’re both wearing GapFit… Do you actually workout in our product?
A: Absolutely. I only work out in GapFit, and it’s not because I’m biased, but I actually really love the product. I love how it fits. It’s comfortable. It makes me look good. It makes me feel good. –Zehra

Q: Product team, what do you think about seeing your line on Tanisha and Jonny?
A: It was really cool to see Tanisha wearing our clothes because she’s worked with a lot of big names in hip-hop. And she looks fantastic in everything, which makes me really happy! Jonny does too! –Zehra

I think from a merchant perspective, you have this idea, and then you get it into production and design, and then it goes to stores, which is awesome, and then you see these two influencers wearing your product. It’s like, “What?!” It’s kind of like seeing your kid growing up. –Dan

Learn more about the team behind Make Your Move and GapFit:

Mackenzie Dougherty is the PR Director for Gap and has been with the brand for about three years total. Working for an iconic American retailer rooted in optimism and inclusivity is what attracted her to Gap and what keeps her excited to come to work everyday. Mackenzie can be spotted on the treadmill, at pilates or in the barre studio, always wearing GapFit.

Dan Longsworth is a merchandise manager for GapFit. He’s been at Gap for over 20 years, and has been on the GapFit team for two and a half years. Dan started out in our stores and then moved to headquarters. With the company, he’s lived in San Francisco, China, and now, New York. He spent time at our sister brand, Athleta, which he calls the “bootcamp” that launched him into GapFit.

Catherine Russell is a merchandiser for GapFit. She’s been at Gap for one and a half years, and on the GapFit team for three months. She was at Kate Spade prior to coming to Gap. Working out is her passion and she says that’s what inspired her to join the GapFit team.

Zehra Naqvi is an associate designer for GapFit. She’s been at Gap for two years, and this is her first job out of college. She studied at Parsons and interned at Gap over the summer, on the GapFit team. Zehra says she loved the product and Gap’s culture, and it made her want to work here.

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