You can feel great about the clothes you receive in our new mailers! 

At Gap Inc., we believe in using our platform to be a force for good. We’re working hard to eliminate waste because we know that protecting nature and creating healthy communities is the right thing to do, and it’s good for business, too. We’re proud to introduce you to our new mailers – with a fresh new look! – comprised of 50% recycled plastic, which will be used across our collection of brands: Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what’s in the bag?
Glad you asked! Our new mailers are made up of 50% recycled plastic, reducing the amount of virgin plastic we use in our packaging. Now that’s a mood boost by mail!  

Using recycled plastic also helps us reduce carbon emissions and supports us in our path towards carbon neutrality. 

Can I recycle the bag? 
Yes, please do! To recycle the bag, please return it to a participating grocery or department store. We’re proud to partner with How2Recycle to provide labels on all our mailers that showcase how to recycle them properly.   

How do I reuse the bag to return items? 
1. Take out your purchases (making sure to use the perforated line so that the mailer can be resealed) 

2. Put in anything you want to return 

3. Pull off the adhesive strip (sticky tape) 

4. Reseal the bag 

5. Print out and attach a new label, making sure to cover the old label so it can’t be accidently scanned 

6. Resend by dropping off the mailer at your post office 

How do I participate in Gap’s GiveBackBox? 
To learn more about how to participate in Gap’s partnership with GiveBackBox, please visit  

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While plastic packaging alternatives do exist, we haven’t moved to compostable or biodegradable options because of the lack of widespread composting infrastructure, and the uncertainty around product claims of biodegradability. As we move toward our goal of eliminating single use plastic, we will continue to evaluate all paths forward and ensure that any long-term solution serves our customers' needs and reduces our impact on the environment.

Progress towards our waste goals

Gap Inc. has committed to eliminating single-use plastics by 2030. Our first step towards achieving this goal is to reduce the volume of virgin plastic we currently use. Through initiatives like our new garment folding standards that reduce the size of the polybags we use and our new 50% recycled content mailer, we will be significantly reducing the amount of virgin plastic we use in our operations.  


In order to achieve our single-use plastic elimination goal faster, our organization signed The Fashion Pact. This consortium of brands that is part of this Pact is working towards three main goals, one of which is aimed at protecting our ocean’s health and preventing even more plastic waste from entering our waterways. We are currently collaborating with other brands in identifying viable alternatives to plastic, as well as how we might be able to use collective action to accelerate the speed at which this issue is being addressed. 

As previously mentioned, we’ve also recently partnered with How2Recycle in order to inform and educate our customers on how to best reduce landfill waste. Before the industry is able to transition to non-plastic or reusable alternatives, recycling will play a huge role in reducing the carbon footprint of large retailers. We’re asking for your help in this effort, and have indicated through the use of the How2Recycle label how to best dispose of the mailer once you’ve received your items.

To learn more about all of Gap Inc’s efforts to care for the planet and create healthy communities, please visit