Our environmental management approach focuses on addressing climate, water, and waste—issues where we see significant potential to positively impact people’s lives and enrich the world’s communities.  We take steps every day to achieve our bold goals, including by incorporating sustainable practices into product development and partnering with businesses, non-profits, governments and community organizations to do our part in building a thriving planet.

How We're Enriching Communities

Water Stewardship

To build the resilience of our company, our supply chain and the people who make our clothes, we are reducing water impacts through more sustainable approaches to materials sourcing and manufacturing. Through the Women + Water Collaborative, we are investing in community water resilience.

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Chemicals Management

To do our part in reducing industrial water pollution in the apparel industry and improve access to clean, safe water, we are working to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals within our supply chain.

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We address climate change by aligning our goals and strategies with the best science and industry practices, following a multifaceted approach to reduce our carbon footprint in Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

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Raw Materials and Product

We aim to measurably reduce the environmental and social impacts of our products by selecting fibers that have a lower carbon footprint, use less water, create less waste and support efforts to protect biodiversity.

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Circularity and Waste

We implement programs, invest in innovation, and partner with leaders in the circular economy to address the full life cycle of our garments, from raw materials to end-of-life—and back again.

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