Gap Inc.'s Rotational Management Program (RMP) is the premier destination for top entry-level talent seeking to jumpstart their business careers. Our inter-disciplinary leadership training program provides you the opportunity to learn the retail business, hone your analytical skills, and be exposed to the inner workings of a global company. RMP has been grooming future leaders at Gap Inc. for over two decades, and many of our graduates are now serving as senior executives within Gap Inc. as well as at other sought-after brands. 

During the 10-month program, you'll rotate through Inventory Management, Production and Merchandising within our family of brands while learning how our product lifecycle works and how customers interact with our brands online and in-store.  After completion of the program, you will be placed into one of the following departments: Inventory Management, Production or Merchandising.

Applications are currently closed. Please check again in the Fall.


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Inventory Management

Inventory Management employees guide financial and inventory investment decisions–so you have to be analytically savvy, with an ability to assess a wide range of data to make profitable decisions for both in season and for the future. You're constantly measuring financial metrics against targets, working with your cross-functional team to react to sales information, and flexing inventory to mitigate risk and meet demand.

You're forecasting sales, triggering promotions and executing markdowns to capitalize on opportunities in season and strategically predict the future by determining product demand, style by style, for upcoming seasons through in-depth analysis of historical sales and current business.

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In Merchandising, you're responsible for seeing product through the eyes of the customer. Each season, you work with cross-functional teams to develop a trend-right collection of styles, predicting customer needs and building a compelling and commercial assortment for each of our markets around the world – and you also have to react to in-season business to drive sales, profitability and growth.

You're constantly looking at trends, assessing the competition, mining for insights, analyzing data from current and previous seasons, and looking for opportunities to seize market share. And you're comfortable telling your products' stories to groups of all sizes and people from all levels.

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Members of the Production team bring the product to life for our customers and keep our product pipeline full and flowing. You're responsible for knowing everything about our products–fabric, finish, trims and wash–and managing everything that contributes to a product's cost. You develop and maintain strong partnerships with colleagues in Design, Technical Design, Fabric R&D and our sourcing offices overseas, and also build vendor relationships around the world that help you deliver product innovation, cost efficiencies, quality and consistency in fit promises.

In a single day, you might be managing pre-season developments, working through production approvals and figuring out how to produce more of a style our customers love.