Meet the Team That’s Got Your Back(side): Senior UX Designer, Prerna Suri

by Gap Inc.

Old Navy

September 12, 2022

Launching an omni initiative like Old Navy’s new Denim Fit Experience requires talent, collaboration and innovation. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been introducing you to the Team That’s Got Your Back(side); so far you’ve learned about Visual MerchandisingBrand MarketingTechnical Design and what it takes to be a #jeanboss. Today, we’re rounding out the roster by putting the spotlight on Prerna Suri, a Senior UX Designer on the Old Navy Production Team. 

Please introduce yourself! 

Hi, 👋 my name is Prerna Suri and I’m the Senior UX Designer on Old Navy’s Production Team. I’ve been with the Gap Inc. family for five years and with Old Navy for almost three. I began my UX (which stands for User Experience) journey as a UX Designer at Athleta, with a focus in research, and grew into my current position where I focus on all aspects of Old Navy digital design. I discovered my passion for design at an early age and have previously worked as both a fashion designer and a product designer. The experience I gained in those roles helped me to understand the retail industry and what users need and value. 

Tell us—what’s it like to be a Senior UX Designer on the ONOL Production team at Old Navy?  

Every day is a new day at Old Navy, filled with exciting challenges and projects. My role focuses on developing the user experience, and usually involves research, concepting, design, prototyping and testing. My team approaches each project differently depending on the business goals and user needs, and we’re always learning new tools and discovering new methodologies. 

Partnerships are also crucial in my role, which is something that I absolutely love. Synthesizing with teams is critical as each challenge comes with a lot of information to process, many perspectives to consider, and varying ways to approach solutions. Everyone can contribute something valuable! 

We know it’s different for each individual, but what does success look like in your role? 

I measure my success by each project, and since no one project is the same, measuring success also varies. At Old Navy, we start by measuring the user experience via evidence rather than opinions. We evaluate each experience with both qualitative and quantitative data. Satisfaction is a key aspect of usability; while in the test phase we ensure ease of use and navigation, but also that it’s an aesthetically pleasing and an overall delightful experience for the user. 

UX spans several areas and product types. What kinds of projects are you most inspired by?  

UX Design is all about solving problems and finding innovative solutions through design. For me, empathy is essential. I enjoy spending time on research—it's vital to really understand Old Navy customer behaviors so that we can create meaningful solutions. 

Denim is and always has been a core component of what Old Navy has to offer. What does this new Denim Fit Experience mean for the customer?  

Before starting this project, we knew that customers had trouble understanding the differences between our large assortment of denim, especially our fits. Embarking on our Denim Fit Experience refresh required examining the full customer journey, so that we could effectively design solutions that reach the customer at the right place and time while shopping. 

After listening to customers we determined it was necessary that the Denim Fit Experience incorporate educational elements that provide an understanding of key fit details. Overall, the new experience helps our customer: 

  • Compare different styles 
  • Understand the rise  
  • Understand the feel and stretch  
  • More efficiently sort through and narrow down the assortment 
  • Understand how the product will fit on their body 

Tell us a little bit more about what goes into a project like this... 

We rely heavily on user and market research, we utilize competitive analysis, and for the Denim Fit Experience specifically, we collaborated with the Marketing Team and worked very closely with Developers. Most importantly, we used a human-centered design approach to solve key challenges. Understanding the most common denim pain-points, creating a business goal and aligning with brand needs were all crucial aspects in developing the final user experience.  

From sketching, to wireframes, to prototypes, we rigorously tested the experience flow and information architecture. Ultimately, we went through three to four rounds of design iterations before the final designs were handed off to the Development Team.  

What is your go-to denim bottom at Old Navy?  

My go-to denim is the Extra High-Waisted Baggy Wide-Leg. I love the fact that you can style this pair in so many ways, from casual to more formal looks. The quality is amazing and they are super comfortable to work in for long UX prototyping hours, ha! 

It takes a cast of talented team members across the business to bring new initiatives to life, and delivering dream denim is just the start of what’s possible at Old Navy. You’ve heard insider perspectives from employees in a variety of roles, and if you’re feeling inspired, consider joining our team of bold, creative trailblazers as we build one of the world’s largest apparel brands, committed to the democracy of service and style for all.


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