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September 23, 2020

In June, Gap Inc. outlined our commitments to drive systemic change and better enable a culture of belonging for our teams, our customers and our communities.  

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to engage personally with everyone from members of our Gap Inc. family – the board, our CEO and the leadership team and allies across our teams – to community leaders, industry partners and my own family & friends. What I’ve seen is a deep sense of responsibility, hope and readiness to create long-lasting change... the type of change that doesn't just happen overnight, but with much intention and consideration, to ensure we get it right.

As the Head of Equality & Belonging, I want to share some of the amazing work that is happening across the organization to create positive and lasting impact both in and outside our walls. By no means is this all of it – work is happening in every area of our business and it’s hard to capture it all in such few words. But, I’m incredibly proud of the many steps we’ve taken so far, some including:

Investing in and growing our Equality & Belonging team from 3 to 20. Companies often talk about their commitment to D&I but real change happens when you invest in infrastructure, which is why I’m thrilled about the growth of my team to help drive change for our employees and customers. 

Greatly expanding our anti-bias and anti-racism programs. We’re collaborating with industry experts like Inclusion Strategist Amber Cabral, the Black in Fashion Council, Gap Inc.’s own Equality & Belonging Network Groups, Color Proud Council and more.

Amplifying designers, artists and authors of color. We’re amplifying designers of color through powerful collaborations, including our continued partnership with Harlem’s Fashion Row and the launch of Gap’s STAND UNITED campaign spearheaded by our African American Network Group (AANG) and Banana Republic Technical Designer, Stephennie Factor. We’re also hosting a book reading with Janie and Jack and famous Latinx author, Patty Rodriguez and a Gap House Session with children’s bilingual singer-songwriter, Juan Sanchez.

Paving the Way for Future Generations. Fostering the future workforce by sponsoring AfroTech World and partnering with Blavity to provide 25 students with scholarships to attend the conference to creating the Retail Education Program (REP) to educate students of color about career opportunities within the retail industry.

Removing the roadblocks that exist for many BIPOC. We’re removing barriers when it comes to civic participation by providing all our employees time off to vote and to serve at the polls on Election Day. 

I am inspired by the readiness of our employees to confront injustice and inequality. We have boundless potential to give shape and life to new narratives that inspire us all and illuminate a path to a brighter future. To all of our employees, thank you for all that you do to make us better.

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