Gap Inc.

November 12, 2019

With the holidays fast approaching, two Gap Inc. brands have rung in the holiday season with breakout digital campaigns that are a detour from tradition.

Gap’s “Gift the Thought” campaign follows the evolution of a gap red hoodie as its worn by a young boy from childhood through adulthood.   The story highlights the sweet and sentimental bond between the son and his mother, a “treasure trove” of memories, according to Omid Amidi, creative director at Johannes Leonardo, the creative agency that conceptualized the idea.

Melanie Dodge, Gap Brand’s Senior Manager of Brand Communications, worked directly on the campaign.

“The amazing thing about this film is that it resonates with such a wide variety of people, and people gravitate to various scenes throughout the course of the twenty years it spans.  The director of the campaign, AG Rojas, was brilliant in his ability to capture a breadth of emotion in each scene, so by the end, we had a very strong narrative.” 

You can see Gap’s full “Gift the Thought” campaign below.

Banana Republic’s whimsical holiday campaign transports viewers on a fantasy-filled journey, exploring holiday style, celebration, human connections and reflections of closing out one chapter and entering a new. Featuring a cast of notable dancers outfitted in Banana Republic’s versatile winter line -- statement outerwear, tailored suiting, and party-ready separates like sequined blazers and velour suit jackets -- move magically on the artists to capture the spirit of the season.

“We’re definitely trying to get to a younger demographic,” says Len Peltier, Banana Republic’s Vice President and Creative Director.  “We have amazing stuff that has the impression of being a little older than it is. It’s really about how you wear it, not necessarily your age.”

Notably, the campaign was produced entirely in house by a team intentionally formed by Chief Marketing Officer Mary Alderete, who is committed to pursuing cutting-edge campaigns. 

“We can’t survive off of one big blockbuster campaign,” she said. “The media landscape is so fragmented now, and consumers are devouring content, especially if they’re highly engaged in your brand.”


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