Old Navy

May 21, 2019

Say hi to Allie Skuse, Director of Female/Non Apparel Print and Pattern. Before her #dreamteam jumps into Summer 2020 planning, we asked her about the fun world of prints + pattern. Read on to learn what makes Allie #oldnavyproud!

FAVORITE PART OF BEING ON YOUR TEAM: The collaboration – you are never standing alone. The team will always help each other out … it’s one team, one dream! Our once-a-month matching days are also my fav! 

WHERE YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION: I am also constantly inspired by the creativity of the Print team. Each season they continually raise the bar for our customer and inspire me to think bigger.

WHY YOU LOVE PRINTS + PATTERNS: I love that they have an immediate connection with someone and make people happy! 

YOUR MOST EXCITING CURRENT PROJECT: We are about to jump into Summer 2020. Resort Runway shows are coming out and there are so many inspiring things to kick start the season.

YOUR FAVORITE SEASON TO WORK ON: That’s an easy one – Summer! I’m Australian and every year when Summer rolls around I channel my inner Aussie beach babe!

YOUR FAVORITE PRINT THIS SEASON: There are too many amazing prints to choose from! I am really excited about the return of global prints and the multicolored Ikat is so beautiful. Ikat is also a huge trend in the male world too so a great opportunity for family moments!

YOUR BIGGEST GOAL FOR 2019: Continue to harness the unbelievable talent that we have on the print team and look for new opportunities for to get the team inspired.

WHY YOU'RE #OLDNAVYPROUD: That we make clothes for every body – no matter who you are or where you come from. That is surprisingly rare in retail and I love that we celebrate that in everything we do.


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