Gap Inc.

June 8, 2017

We spent time with Gap Inc. employees from the company's LGBTQ-focused business resource group, GEAR (Gay Employees, Allies + Resources), who shared the unique ways they wear their pride. Join us as we celebrate LGBTQ equality — this month and all year.

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Janine Rizkalla won’t be pigeonholed. Whether it’s through her actions or her fashion choices, Janine is about defying stereotypes and breaking down barriers.

For her, symbols and personas must feel true to the person donning them — they’re authentic when they radiate from the inside, out.

“There are a lot of traditional Pride emblems, like the rainbow colors, the pink, and the bandanas — all those symbols that people associate with our community,” Janine says. “But to me, ‘wearing pride’ is wearing a confidence. It’s wearing a strength that’s exuded by the fact that you’re comfortable holding hands with your partner who is same-sex.”

Our Director of Gap’s Web Production will march in San Francisco’s LGBTQ Pride Parade for the third year in a row with her Gap Inc. family, alongside their friends and families.

But more importantly for Janine, she’ll march with her fiancé. “The love of my life, my partner in crime, my soulmate, Jimena,” she says of her long-time partner. “We’ve been engaged for eight years, and are finally getting married next year.”

In addition to San Francisco, this month Gap Inc. employees will participate in local Pride events around the country, including in Albuquerque, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Sacramento, Vancouver and Washington D.C.

“There’s some intangible emotion — a spirit, an energy — that is so catalyzing and powerful,” Janine says of the Pride Parade experience. “I’m really excited to be a part of that.”

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