Gender Equality & Empowerment

When our founders, Doris and Don Fisher, started Gap Inc. in 1969, a key part of their vision of success was creating opportunities for the people and communities touched by our business throughout the world.

Today, we’re working harder than ever to make our business more sustainable by setting bold goals, designing new programs and partnering with others to change our industry for the better.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Gap Inc. pays women and men — globally, dollar for dollar — equal pay for equal work. In 2014, Gap Inc. was the first Fortune 500 company to announce equal pay for equal work, with its methodology and data independently validated by a leading gender and diversity firm. Gap Inc. conducts annual internal pay equality reviews using this approved methodology.

Doris and Don Fisher

Our Founder on Equal Pay

"I would have always assumed that women were getting paid the same amount as men. But, back when we started Gap, of course they weren’t. That was a time when I don’t think it occurred to many people that women could be leaders. There were so few women leaders back then. It’s just the way the world was. It’s different now. I hear about women as CEOs and Presidents of companies, and I’m glad to know things have changed." - Doris Fisher