Nurturing Connections Through Customer Care: A Workday with Alex

by Gap Inc.

Gap Inc.

September 5, 2023

Every interaction is a chance to brighten someone's day. At least that’s the philosophy Gap Inc. customer experience coordinator Alex operates by, leaving every customer with a smile.

Customer experience coordinators like Alex are skilled in creating personalized solutions with every call, email, or chat. With a customer-first mindset, they're deep listeners and problem-solvers who turn shopper challenges into the best moment in someone’s day. And despite the digital distance, customer experience coordinators build bridges with their words. When our customers hear, "How can I assist you?", they know they’re in good hands.

Join Alex on a typical workday as a customer experience coordinator as he helps our customers shop for and buy the clothes they love. 

7:30 AM: I get out of bed and get dressed for the day. Working from home, my standard uniform is a t-shirt and comfy bottoms. After brewing some tea and making breakfast, I go out to my patio to eat and wake my brain up. By 8:50, I’m at my work desk to get prepped for my 9:00 shift.

11:00 AM: I step away to take my first break. Customer chats have been coming in steadily, but the morning rush is starting to fade. When on my break, I go outside for a couple minutes to get some fresh air. Given the social nature of the job, it’s important to take care of your mindset, so we can give 100% to every customer.

12:30 PM: I transition from taking chats to attend a team meeting. We talk about recent work updates, share creative solutions we’ve been able to provide, discuss  tougher chats we’ve had lately and what we learned from those experiences, and catch up with each other. After , I punch out for my lunch break then come back to handle afternoon cases

3:30 PM: I make myself another cup of tea. My last chat was tough, a customer was sent the wrong package and they made their frustration known - I can understand the disappointment. Ultimately, I was able to help resolve the issue by issuing a refund and ended the call with the customer content. After taking my last break and with some fresh tea in hand, I’m ready to power through the last couple of hours of my day.

6:00 PM: My shift ended half an hour ago. After clocking out, I power down my work computer and leave my office to make dinner. Tonight, chicken tikka masala is on the menu. Once I finish cooking, I settle onto the couch to unwind from a full day of interactions and watch a movie.

Working with Gap Inc.

What surprised you about working here? 

I was pleasantly surprised by the work environment. You never know what to expect with contact center jobs, but I’ve been pleased with leadership at Gap Inc. The team is relaxed, understanding, supportive, and easy to work with.

What type of training helped you prepare for your role?

I spent three weeks in training when I was first hired, and that laid most of the groundwork. Since then, I’ve relied on internal guides and fellow teammates to help when any issues cropped up that I was unsure of how to resolve.

What are you looking forward to in your future with us?

Ultimately, my goal is to work in IT. Since IT is also centered on customer service, this job has been great training and preparation for me.

What would you share with someone looking for a part-time job or seasonal opportunity?

Customer experience coordinator jobs at Gap Inc. offer a lot of flexibility with many options for shift schedules For me, it has never been difficult getting a shift to works with my schedule. And working from home full-time makes it incredibly convenient too.

‘Fit Check with Alex

What do you love about working at Gap Inc.?

I love that as a customer experience coordinator I am able to work remotely. It’s so nice on those days when to be 30 seconds away from my “office.” That commute can’t be beat.

Tell us about your personal style…

At this point, half of my wardrobe is composed of things I ordered from Banana Republic. The Luxe Traveler Jeans are an absolute staple for me.

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