Moments That Matter: Shining a (Creative) Light on Circularity

by Gap Inc.

Gap Inc.

February 2, 2023

THE MOMENT: Ink Arts Collective Cycle 1 Exhibit Opening, January 2023
WHAT MATTERED: Connection, creativity, + continued sustainability focus ♻️

Our Create With Audacity movement sponsored a company-wide call to conceptualize art that celebrates circularity, inspired by the pioneering work of Eileen Fisher’s Waste No More initiative. And last week, teams came together for the unveiling of our inaugural exhibit showcasing employee-designed art pieces in our San Francisco Hub.

Inspired by our commitment to efficiently reduce sample waste in our product streams, artists Jesse Parrotti and Nicole Kaufman, who work across graphic and clothing design in their day jobs, repurposed old product samples across the portfolio to create thought-provoking sculptural installations, bringing Gap Inc.’s focus on circularity to life in the spaces we work.

Check out artist and attendee POV's and peek at moments from the exhibit opening.

“I jumped into this project with a general direction but found it so rewarding to stay creatively open as the processes developed. I leaned on colleagues to brainstorm solutions and encouraged the apprentices to get involved! Working on such a large-scale installation is always so powerful.” - Nicole Kaufman, Ink Arts Collective Artist; Design at Old Navy

“My installation is a reminder that creative work always evolves through the process. It can often take on a life of its own. In this instance, the constraints of the material and specifics of the space defined what the piece became. At its core, the installation speaks to labor, resources, and process. The work we do is incredibly fast-paced, and while we learn from past business and look forward to trend, it’s easy to overlook the broader impact of our life and labor. One could think that what we do is just work, but it’s also how we spend a significant portion of our lives. The intention is to offer an alternative perspective on how time is experienced and manifested materially. The piece is a cross-section of time and material, data visualization, a geologic record of labor.” - Jesse Parrotti, Ink Arts Collective Artist; Design at Old Navy

“I'm always in awe of the work that is being done across all facets of CWA. I'm truly inspired to see that we're using our time, space, and resources to support creatives and align our collective visions for building the future of innovation. From re-purposing materials to create artwork to the simple act of bringing people together to collaborate and share ideas—I'm excited about what's next.” - Marquis Burke, Brand Marketing at Banana Republic

“The Ink Arts Collective held such an amazing event that felt engrained in Gap Inc.’s DNA and the Create with Audacity program. Hearing from Jesse and Nicole in-person on their process was so inspiring and seeing their creativity highlighted in the building is so exciting. Being on a product team, it was amazing to see how samples that would normally be donated can be turned into art pieces. Also, learning the techniques behind screen printing and winning a tote (that I’ve been using non-stop) was such a great reminder to make the most out of the Co-Labs! - Allison Gordon, Visual Merchandising at Old Navy

“It was inspirational to see Gap Inc. creating the space for employees to express their other creative disciplines. The event got me thinking that I should pick up fine art photography again. I hope Gap Inc. will continue these types of events and open it to the public to view. I enjoyed talking with Nicole Kaufman about her piece; it would be nice to see it hanging in one of our hubs permanently!” - Hadrian Rivera, Visual Merchandising at Old Navy

Ink Arts Collective (IAC) is an employee art program, sponsored by the Create With Audacity movement, that invites employees to make make art reflective of themes important to Gap Inc. Selected work gets displayed in a curated exhibit within our hubs and featured throughout our many digital spaces. Learn more about how we're building the future of creative collaboration at Gap Inc. here.

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