Reimagining Stories with Stephon, Photo & Production Manager

by Gap Inc.

Gap Inc.

August 8, 2023

Meet Stephon Latham, a storyteller—or masterful alchemist of words and photography—who lifts employee spirits and drives a sense of belonging across the company through his work. Let's take a closer look at his journey and how he constantly reimagines in his role on our team: 

Tell us about yourself.  

Stephon: I am a kid from Arkansas who found a passion to create and tell stories. I consider myself a blend of Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks. Whether I’m writing poetry or photographing moments in time, it’s all rooted in storytelling.  

I studied Advertising/PR and News/Editorial and found a passion for marketing and retail earlier in my career. I was able to blend three of my passions— storytelling, marketing, and retail—into a career storytelling for brands. I guess it's the journalist in me. There’s something about storytelling. 

What do you do?  

Stephon: I’m based in LA and work on the Culture + Creative Studio within Gap Inc. People & Culture. Shoutout to the team! I partner with Equality and Belonging to develop creative content that spotlights, celebrates, and supports team members within Gap Inc. and our brands. But beyond that, I use my creative gifts to create space for people to feel seen and heard. I amplify stories of the unsung heroes. Because I know what it’s like not to be seen or heard, I extend my efforts and create spaces to change that narrative. I connect with people to create a sense of belonging. 

Why do you choose to build your career with us?  

Stephon: I’m here because I’m able to do what I love and create with audacity. Create with Audacity was my motto and lifestyle long before I joined the company, so it feels very aligned to work for a company that is committed to inspiring this at work.     

I choose Gap Inc. because the work is not done, and I believe in the people. We’re encouraged to stay curious in our respective disciplines, and I’m still very curious and always ready to create. It’s an organic choice. I’m excited about our Culture + Creative team and the work ahead to inspire champions around us. #WeAreGapInc. 

What work are you most proud of? 

Stephon: I’m most proud of being a strategic partner in rethinking the Inc. brand from a storytelling and visual perspective. I’m excited to create again through a refreshed lens. 

Who has influenced your journey here so far?  

Stephon: It’s not just one person. So many people I can credit. I’ll spare you the full list—but I must credit the Equality & Belonging team. In my opinion, the work they do is about the betterment of humanity. They have created so many opportunities to hear and learn from our colleagues in the stores and distribution centers which have influenced my own journey. 

"There's a village behind every logo hoodie worn." — Stephon

What moments have you been inspired by?  

Stephon: The E&B Coast-to-Coast tour inspired me a lot. It provided an opportunity to connect HQ to the stores and distribution centers through dialogue. We have some amazing people that work behind the brands at every level. Their stories are inspirational and influential to how I approach my day-to-day.   

What are you looking forward to?  

Stephon: Like the rest of our portfolio, Gap is still an iconic brand. I believe we’re all moving in a direction that will propel us forward. I’m in various communities outside of work, and whenever I wear my Dap hoodie, people always ask how they can get one. I love working for brands that people know and love. I look forward to combining our superpowers and winning with the team.   

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