Sherrica: Rise Up, Reach Back – From In-Store to HQ

by Gap Inc.

Gap Inc.

October 21, 2022

Whether you’re just starting out on your career journey, or in the thick of it and not sure where to turn next, hearing about how other people navigate their career journey can be both inspiring and helpful. 

Sherrica Hill discovered her passion for recruiting and talent development after her career in the field with Gap. She’s now driving change as a senior manager of Old Navy’s This Way ONward, a program focused on creating pathways for advancement for youth. Through one-on-one mentorship, coaching, and on-the-job skill building, Old Navy is tackling systemic barriers to employment by creating stable first jobs for young people between the ages of 16-24.

Sherrica is one of many team members who has grown her career in unexpected ways at Gap Inc. Take a glimpse at her journey from part-time seasonal associate to leading programs that expand access to opportunity for employees and communities.

Sherrica’s Journey in the Aisles

Sherrica joined as a part-time seasonal sales associate at Gap over 20 years ago because she wanted to work for the best in the business. Gap was a closet staple for her and her high school classmates at the time and Sherrica wanted to work for a leader in American fashion after noticing the commercials, the celebrities, and the focus on community and diversity. 

During her first season at Gap, she was surprised at how close she became with her team.

We were more than just co-workers, we turned into a family. Some of my closest friends are from my early days with Gap.

After her first season at Gap, Sherrica joined the team as a permanent part time associate and later full-time associate.  She left the team for a short period after four years to explore leadership roles outside of the company, but she quickly felt that the culture at Gap is unmatched, and this motivated her to come back as an Assistant Manager.

Since returning as a boomerang (which we love to see!), Sherrica held various leadership roles as an Assistant General Manager, General Manager, Human Resource champion, and Central Staffer which solidified her passion for recruiting and talent development.  Through her years in the stores and supporting the field, Sherrica became an expert at communication, building effective teams, and attracting and hiring top talent.

These skills landed Sherrica on the nomination list for our Donald G. Fisher Award for Store Excellence in 2013, which recognizes leaders who demonstrate the principles of our founders: innovation, integrity, community, and store excellence and is the highest honor a Store Manager can receive. 

From the Aisles to Headquarters

Sherrica later joined our headquarters team as a Program Manager for This Way ONward. She now leads the program, helping thousands of youths find their first job and unlock their career potential.

This program is truly a reflection of the principles that guided me as a store leader. As a store leader, I believed in providing opportunity and access to every employee, especially those with potential.

Identifying potential in her colleagues and reports early on helped Sherrica develop diverse, high performing and effective teams. “So many leaders I’ve developed or managed, weren’t always the obvious choice. But I took time to get to know people, understand and tap into their strengths. I’ve always believed that you’ll go further and faster by leaning into strengths,” she shares. 

When Sherrica first joined as a seasonal employee in 2001, she loved that there was NEVER a dull moment—she had several opportunities to work on a variety of projects, and consistently saw her ideas come to life, and it’s these reasons that keep her excited to work with us today.   

While there’s always change, what I can count on is that every day will be exciting and challenging. And as a longtime fan of the brand, I want to contribute to the company growth and legacy so that my kids become fans as they grow older.

Sherrica continues to grow with us because of the endless possibilities—she’s only just getting started.  “There are so many opportunities and pathways to take in the company. I’m at the beginning of my journey in HQ and have so much more to learn and accomplish,” she shares. 

Although This Way ONward wasn’t around when she started, Sherrica identifies with a lot of the program participants. “When I started as a seasonal sales associate, I was a young black woman with little work experience. My hiring manager saw potential in me and gave me a chance. From there, others gave me opportunities to develop my skills and take on more responsibilities. And now I have the opportunity, through this program, to open the door for other young black girls so that I can hear their stories of success in the future,” Sherrica shares.

For those considering joining our team, a job here can lead to so much more than you can imagine:

Working in our stores is so much more than just folding clothes. You can learn skills that can be applied in any career and meet great people that turn into life-long friends and this job can turn into a great career!

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