Old Navy

May 26, 2022

Old Navy is committed to providing an inclusive shopping experience for our customers and offering every women’s style, in every size, at the same price. We launched inclusive sizes from 0-28 in stores and 0-30 online in August 2021, and since then we have welcomed millions of new customers to Old Navy and learned a lot about where and how they shop. While pleased with our new customers and brand health, as shared on our 2022 Q1 earnings update we have not seen the expected demand for extended size products in our stores channel and as such, will be further realigning our in store inventory later this year to better meet demand. Extended sizes will still be available in store with our full size range available online, leading the industry with our inclusive size offering.  

CUSTOMER FAQ’s [Updated on September 14, 2022]

So BODEQUALITY is still a thing, right?  
Yes! Our commitment to all styles at the same price is still very much a thing — price parity isn’t going away. But based on customer demand and supply chain challenges, we made the decision to remove select extended sizes from stores and will continue to adjust store inventory based on local demand.  

How do I know what is offered at my store?  
Planning an Old Navy run? Feel free to reach out to your local store team before you go to confirm their size run. Our store locator page has all the info!

What about online, though? 
You read our minds! We will continue to offer all women’s styles, sizes 0-30 online — 24/7, 365. 

What about shipping costs? Paying extra to buy something online when everyone else can shop in-store seems unfair. 
We get it. We’ll happily ship to you for free and waive shipping costs on any extended sizes you find online that aren’t available at your local store. Just ask our in-store associates for details.    

Will there be changes in the future to what sizes are offered in which stores?  
Our 1,200+ stores are constantly optimizing their inventory to best serve local customers. Friendly reminder, oldnavy.com has the most size and style options for you and the fam — so when in doubt, check there!  

This answers my qs… but if something else pops to mind, is there anyone I can talk to? 
Of course. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Relations team at 866-962-7908.

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