What to Expect on Assessment Day

by Erin Alfred, Old Navy Allocation

Old Navy

November 15, 2021

Applying to the IMR program? Erin Alfred, on Old Navy’s Allocation team, shares all the things you need to know going into Assessment Day – what to expect, how to prepare, and advice to help ace your assessment!

How did you get involved with the IMR program?
I got involved with the IMR program in Fall ‘19 by joining the IMR Committee. Prior to this, my experience was just being a part of the IMR Rotation in Spr ’17. 

What was your own experience on IMR Assessment Day?
My experience was great! I enjoyed being able to meet different people within the company and go through interviews/assessments feeling as if I had a fresh start with each person I met. I had a good amount of time to prepare for the Case Study and it was my first experience with this style of assessment. Everyone was so kind and inviting and at no point did anyone make me feel that I was completely messing up (even though I did a couple times!).

What should a candidate expect on Assessment Day?
In my opinion, candidates should expect to be fully prepared to speak to their Case Study: explaining what their thought process was, how they calculated the data, any alternative scenarios they could think of, etc. After hearing how others approached their Case Study, they should also be prepared to have a collaborative conversation on what the best option for the business is: how they’re able to speak to the pros/cons of their approach vs others, where can they combine ideas, where can they take ideas and expand on them to improve for the Case Study, etc. They should prepare to be engaged in dialogue but also active listening – it’s a chance to show their skills in teamwork and leadership!

  • For the one-on-one interviews, they should speak to all of the skills in their toolbelt! Are they a creative out-of-the-box thinker? Do they come from the field? What unique insights do they bring having store experience? Dust off those retail math skills!!
  • Understand that ON is a fast-paced environment (especially IM) and it’s great to bring people on to the team who are able to think quickly on their feet and adapt to different challenges when they arise. The assessment prepares candidates for this by meeting with people with various roles within the company and going through a few types of assessments in one day.

Preparing for Assessment Day!

How did you prepare for the Retail Math portion of the interview?
I prepared by googling and practicing Retail Math Formulas. While that was helpful, I should have done a better job of having them memorized. My advice is to make sure you have an understanding of general Retail Metrics and their Formulas… and memorize them!

Any other advice for what current field candidates can do in-stores to help them prepare for the interviews?
Go over it with your manager! After finishing my Case Study, I went to my manager and she reviewed, asking follow-up questions and offering areas for me to consider improving. Since they know a lot of the Retail Metrics we speak to, be sure to know the formulas!

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