Gap Inc.

November 17, 2021

Each year, Gap Inc. recognizes one of its many outstanding suppliers for their quality, continuous improvement, and overall excellence in partnership through its Top Stitch Award. This year, Gap Inc. is honoring Microsoft with the award. 

Microsoft's partnership on Gap Inc.'s cloud migration has unlocked tremendous value across the enterprise and helped dramatically accelerate the company's speed of innovation and implementation of new tools and technologies. Gap Inc. is stronger, healthier, faster, and more focused today, and much of that is powered by Microsoft's cloud technology.

When our brick-and-mortar stores shut down during the pandemic, Gap Inc. became a digital-only business overnight, putting massive pressure on its platforms, both for our customers and our internal processes and technologies. Based on a long-term partnership with Microsoft, Gap Inc. was well prepared to seamlessly transition to a remote work model and scale the online business to meet the needs of millions of customers shopping online across its four purpose-led billion-dollar brands. We leveraged an Azure-hosted digital platform that is fast, responsive, and able to scale, while also enabling employees to work faster and collaborate more effectively across brands and boundaries.

Our partnership with Microsoft has touched all aspects of our business, from the store experience to inventory logistics to enhanced personalization analytics, and it has supported double-digit growth in our online business.

Honoring Microsoft with the Gap Inc. Top Stitch Award is a small way of expressing gratitude for our two companies' shared success, support, and values.

To show our appreciation for our companies' shared values of sustainability and innovation, and mark the significance of this award, Gap Inc. will make a $100,000 donation in Microsoft's honor to Water Aid America, a Gap Inc. non-profit partner who enriches communities by improving water access for millions of people worldwide.

We are grateful to all the incredible teams who have made our transformation to a digital-first enterprise possible, and we look forward to close collaboration between Gap Inc. and Microsoft for years to come. 



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