Gap Inc.

March 16, 2021

This work is a movement – not a moment – and we’re here to listen and learn along the way. And what better way to bring our journey to life than through the experiences of our employees.

Being An Ally: Dave Clarke, Head of Gap Finance

Dave's Headshot

Dave is the Executive Sponsor for the AAPI Equality & Belonging Group, ASIA (Asian Supporting Inclusion and Awareness). The experience has been incredibly insightful for him as a Senior Leader in the organization and an ally. He made space for others to educate him on the Asian-American community's issues and concerns, the insidious implications of the Model Minority Myth, and the opportunity to increase Asian representation at higher levels. 

“More recently, our group has become more and more concerned with the dramatic increase in harassment, hate crimes, and violence directed toward Asian-Americans. As an ally, it was important for me to stand by this community and create space for employees to feel safe and share what they are going through. ASIA hosted a Safe Space Conversation with the AAPI community and their allies, a platform to build meaningful connections and create unity across all communities. I expressed my horror and concern for the safety of my colleagues and their families. As a leader, I have an obligation to create awareness and a sense of belonging among our teams and the communities we serve. Being an Executive Sponsor for ASIA means I am committed to supporting ASIA and all of our Equality & Belonging groups."

Creating Space For Conversation: Maria Febre, Head of Employee Belonging

Maria's Headshot

Maria is one of the founding members of ASIA and now serves as the head of Employee Belonging overseeing all Equality & Belonging Groups (EBGs) at Gap Inc. and workplace inclusion. As an immigrant who moved to the United States to live the American dream, the attacks on the Asian American communities hit home for her personally and professionally. 

“In moments like this, we are faced with the reminder that racism continues to exist – whether visible or invisible, it exists. And though we can choose to ignore what we see and move on with business as usual, we simply can’t and must do more and at Gap Inc. we did just that. To further support the AAPI communities, Gap Inc. and our brands donated a total of $100,000 to two community initiatives: Stop AAPI Hate  and National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD). Each organization uses its platforms to provide advocacy and deliver direct services to the most vulnerable AAPI community members. Beyond the donation, we will also be working with each organization to build a long-term partnership to help support the AAPI community.” 


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