Gap Inc.

March 30, 2021

Gap Inc. is participating in LinkedIn’s new Skills Path pilot to evaluate candidates in a more equitable way—based on their proven skills. By taking a skills-based approach to opportunity we can remove barriers for candidates that might not have the degree or network, while also increasing the size of accessible talent pools, allowing us to pinpoint quality applicants for specific roles.

"As a company that strives to be inclusive, by design, we look to invest in talent practices that enable us to reach the broadest candidate base possible," said Meghan Kelly, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Gap Inc. “Participating in LinkedIn’s Skills Path pilot will help us connect with candidates faster based on core skills and potential rather than traditional experience or credentials, which creates access to an even more diverse talent pool. We believe that an inclusive workforce, which reflects our customer base, drives creativity and innovation and enhances business results."

Building on their commitment with Microsoft, LinkedIn has already helped 30M people get reskilled for in-demand jobs, and today they are taking their commitment a step further with a new goal to help 250,000 companies, including Gap Inc., to make skills-based hires in 2021 through their new and existing hiring products. Skills Path brings together LinkedIn Learning courses with Skill Assessments to help recruiters evaluate candidates in a more equitable way—based on their proven skills. Hiring practices have long depended on traditional candidate qualifications like degrees, title, and their network to discover candidates. With LinkedIn’s Skills Path, that changes.


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