Gap Inc.

October 29, 2020

At Gap Inc., we do more than sell clothes. We grow purpose-led brands that have lasting impact on people and the planet. For every one of our brands, scaling our environmental and social impact work are not just business priorities, but critical ways to express our inclusive values.

With the publication of our fiscal year 2019 Global Sustainability Report, we’re proud to share the significant progress we’re making toward meeting existing goals. We’re also announcing new benchmarks that will contribute to a more robust business, healthier planet, and systems change to drive greater opportunity for all.

2019 Environmental and Social Impact Highlights:

Our Report reflects the efforts that our company and each of our brands have made in 2019 toward sustainability and creating a more inclusive and fairer workplace and world for everyone touched by our business.

Our company and all of our brands have established executive sustainability steering committees, defined their priorities and goals, and led and executed against a sustainability-strategy with cross-functional teams.

A snapshot:

  • Gap Inc. saved 11.2 billion liters of water in manufacturing.
  • Gap Inc. signed a deal to participate in the Aurora Wind Project, a 90-megawatt off-site wind project, that began generating power this year.
  • 98% of Gap Inc. sourcing facilities were rated green or yellow, showing high performance or no serious issues with our Code of Vendor Conduct (COVC).
  • As part of This Way Onward, an internship and career growth initiative, 1,600 youth were hired.
  • Over 500,000 women and girls from rural community settings, vocational institutions, and relief centers have completed P.A.C.E., our education and life skills training program.
  • Old Navy launched Heart Earth, its inaugural sustainability program, on Earth Day with the aim to make 100% of denim products using water-saving techniques, among other goals.
  • Gap’s First Favorites line moved from plastic packaging to cardboard hangers, eliminating more than 16,000 pounds of plastic every year.
  • Banana Republic introduced “Better Republic,” a program built around sourcing sustainable materials and using eco-friendly processing.
  • Athleta’s partnership with Fair Trade and P.A.C.E. empowered 16,555 women and girls across their supply chain through life and career building skills trainings.

Looking Ahead: A Framework for Lasting Impact Across People, Planet and Community

Our brands bridge the gaps we see in the world and we’re devoted to addressing ongoing impacts of climate change and creating a culture of belonging for our teams, our customers and future generations.

“Our foundational values are more important than ever, and they fuel our commitment to being a force for good—to help people, planet, and communities.” - Sonia Syngal, CEO, Gap Inc.

As we look to the future, Gap Inc. has outlined a series of new commitments to scale our environmental and social impact work further. These are a few of our new benchmarks:

  • By 2022, have 1 million women and girls complete P.A.C.E.
  • By 2025, double the representation of Black and Latinx employees at all levels in our U.S. HQ offices and increase by 50% the representation of Black employees in U.S. store leader roles.
  • By 2030, eliminate single-use plastics and achieve 100% Renewable Energy to power all our retail stores, offices, distribution centers.
  • By 2050, have a net-positive water impact in water-stressed regions and a carbon-neutral value chain.

To read the full 2019 Global Sustainability Report, click here.


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