Old Navy

September 16, 2020

Each year, the Donald G. Fisher Award is given to a store leader who demonstrates Don’s passion for creating an exceptional store experience for our customers and delivering business results. This year’s Old Navy winner, Tommy Mahoney, was selected for going above and beyond business results, leadership, customer care, and giving back to his community.  

For anyone who knows Tommy, he is intensely passionate about the Old Navy business and customer. As this year’s Fisher Award recipient, Tommy is recognized for placing his focus on his team, all while managing the 34th Street Flagship store with tact and being a great example of store excellence across the brand.   

Since joining the 34th Street store team as the General Manager of merchandising, through his promotion to Store Director in 2018, and on to today, it has been clear that Tommy pairs these strengths with a strong merchant perspective, and that are brought to life in how he and his team execute the Brand’s vision. Amid the complexities of managing one of the company’s largest stores, Tommy never loses sight of why he and his team have chosen to work at Old Navy - the customer. Don Fisher's words of “change or fail” ring true for Tommy in how he leads and drives the Old Navy business.   

“Don and Doris always said, ‘we do more than sell clothes.’ We make our communities better,” said Tommy when asked about what fuels his passion for our stores. “I believe this is our purpose. It’s how we need to show up every day.”  

Tommy embodies the “do what you love” mentality. His presence is genuinely felt throughout the entire store. As a strong and empowering leader, Tommy expects his team to operate within their routines and disciplines. This has allowed the team to become more confident in their performance and has accelerated their development. Through Tommy's leadership, five of his leaders have been promoted to the next level. He proactively seeks, and readily responds, to feedback from his team. 

“As a leader, it’s awesome to see my team grow and individuals change, just when you give them that simple ‘Lead’ title,” said Tommy when asked about what makes him inspired as a leader. “You instantly see the confidence it gives them to show up and own this business - that’s what makes us successful.”  

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Tommy and the team are known within the brand and local community for their strong support and ongoing focus on This Way Ahead. Over the past two years, Tommy and the team have hosted over 80 This Way Ahead interns. Ten of those interns have gone on to be promoted into Store Leads, and one has been promoted into an Assistant Manager role. While this effort is driven by many on the team, it is Tommy's spirit and connection to the customer that provides the foundation and support for this community work to continue.  

He shares his best practices with other leaders across the brand, with the desire to ensure a consistent experience not just in his store, but across the country. Tommy’s presence, skills, and ability to quietly and confidently bring others on the journey with him are unmatched.  While certainly talented and driven, he’s also incredibly humble, ensuring that all credit is attributed to his team. Tommy recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the brand, and we couldn't be any more #oldnavyproud of him and what he’ll accomplish in the next 20 years! 


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