Old Navy

March 6, 2020

The Old Navy brand values inclusivity and opportunity for all, and this International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on those values through some of the inspirational women that make up over 70% of Old Navy’s employee population.  

As part of the International Women’s (Every)Day campaign, six women were nominated by their peers to be featured across Old Navy social channels and emails for the amazing work they do to support the hustle, lift each other and inspire others 24/7/365.   

The Sunshine Maker: Jordan Storm
The Multi-hyphenate: Brittany Damon
The Go-Getter: Gloire Yahve
The Mama Bear: Elizabeth Manos
The Boss Lady: Trang To
The Big Thinker: Achini Herath (check out @oldnavy's IG tomorrow for her spotlight!)

JS: As an Assistant Merchant, I describe myself as “the voice of the customer,” creating an amazing assortment of trends and must-have styles our customers can’t wait to get their hands on.   

BD: As a Senior Allocation Manager, it’s my job to get the right product, to the right place, at the right time.   

GY: As a Brand Associate, I strive to provide a safe and friendly environment for our customers – whether it’s ringing them up, offering fashion advice in the fitting room or just lending an ear and hearing about their day.  

EM: I’ve been at Old Navy for almost 11 years and I’m currently a Senior Planner, Allocation Strategy. I help create, manage and execute allocation strategies and inventory plans that drive financial goals and product strategies.   

TT: As a Senior Director of Business and Product Strategy, I lead a team of brilliant women who develop long-range plans and strategies that help chart the future of Old Navy.    

AH: As a Manager of Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E program, I’m on a mission to help underserved females unlock education, life skills, and technical training – with a crazy ambition of improving the lives of 1 million women and girls. 

JS: I’m known for surprising co-workers with delightful gifts and notes. It’s as simple as remembering a co-worker’s coffee order. You’d be surprised by how much the little things mean to people.  

GY: My younger siblings look up to me and I always remind myself that my success is shared – I’m leading the way for them too.  

EM: Inspiring girls and women are important to me because I find that most of us are so hard on ourselves. We easily forget that was uniquely created and not in competition with one another. Were all so capable of greatness!  

JS: Being able to speak my truth and be myself fearlessly, without judgment or shame. If we all try and channel this mentality every day, think about how authentic people will start to feel.  

BD: Honoring the growth and progress women have made in history and acknowledging those who have worked to get us where we are now. For this year’s IWD celebration, I’m making it a priority to have a conversation with women in my life who inspire me and motivate me.  

EM: It’s an opportunity to take note and celebrate what we’ve accomplished and all that we can do. I practice this by praising the women in my life and finding ways to acknowledge them. We don’t need large platforms to be a positive voice in someone’s life. 

GY: There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your thinking.   

EM: You can have it all, maybe just not all at the same time. Focus on progress, not perfection.   

TT: It’s not just about being the boss of your career, be the boss of your life. Know what you want and work unapologetically to achieve your goals.   

JS: When I come to work every day, I look forward to seeing all the faces of people I work with. A lot of what inspires me to continue to do and be better is who I’m surrounded by. We’ve got some crazy talented people who work at Old Navy, and that makes me proud!   

BD: The energy and the people, of course! Old Navy is a special place to work – the culture and drive of the company is what keeps me coming back day after day.     

GY: We aren’t like other companies. Old Navy embodies family, laughter and joy. There is never a dull moment working at the company and I love how involved the brand is in community service. We do so much more than sell clothes! 

EM: The passion Old Navy shows for the community and how the company allows me to work in a way that supports the needs of my family, is priceless.  

TT: I believe every person should be able to feel confident in the clothes they wear, and I am proud of our mission to democratize style!   

AH: My workplace is my home away from home. I am proud to say I've worked 20 years for an ethical company that has a genuine interest in giving back to the world. I am very satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment in all the work that I do at Gap Inc. 


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