Old Navy

January 10, 2020

As a first-generation American and the first in her family to go to college, Daisy Tecotl has always dreamed big. While consistently at the top of her class, she was also shy and had a hard time breaking out of her comfort zone. She hoped participating in an internship would help get her out there, meet new people and maybe teach her skills she could use in the future. So, she applied for Gap Inc.’s This Way Ahead program, which was created to help young adults ages 16-24 get a foot in the door for a first job and builds our retail employees’ leadership and management skills. Fast forward six years - she’s now the Assistant Manager of Merchandising for Kids + Baby at Old Navy’s 18th St. store (better known as Great-teenth).

Through her time with the brand, Daisy’s had the opportunity to try practically every role in the store, while also mentoring others going through the This Way Ahead program and going to school full time. So when The New York Times expressed interest in shadowing an employee to learn more about how Old Navy maintains a store with a store with a heart while also staying relevant with the latest technology and omnichannel services, we knew Daisy would be the perfect ambassador to take NYT readers along for the ride.

Sarah Blesener for The New York Times

ICYMI, The New York Times ran a front-page story over the holiday about how our associates run the Old Navy business every day (spoiler alert: it’s with a lot of heart and hustle). Read the story here, and get to know Daisy + what makes her #oldnavyproud:

SO, NEW YORK TIMES! WHAT WAS THE EXPERIENCE LIKE?  I felt honored to be able to represent the brand in the NYT. I almost couldn't believe it was printed on the first page!

WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE PART OF YOUR TIME IN THE THIS WAY AHEAD PROGRAM? When I completed the program and was offered my first job as a part-time associate. It was a validation of all the job skills I learned and applied. It was just the beginning of many new experiences. 

WHAT’S THE BEST PART OF BEING A PART OF THE GREAT-TEENTH ST. TEAM? The support that we give one another. It not only makes every day easier, but it makes it fun, too.

WHAT’S YOUR MAIN PIECE OF CAREER ADVICE? My motto is always “strive to be better than you were yesterday; set more goals, work harder and achieve more.”

WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD TO WORK HERE? I'm proud to work for a company that is so involved in the community. We don't just sell clothes!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE OLD NAVY PURCHASE? I love our high-rise Rockstar jeans. I was excited when we launched all our high-rise styles; it’s a new favorite. 

WHAT DOES BELONGING AT OLD NAVY MEAN TO YOU? Belonging at Old Navy gives me a sense of pride. It is another home where I am a leader and can teach, develop and motivate others. 


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