Old Navy

December 19, 2019

In case you missed it, LinkedIn unveiled its Top Voices list for the 5th year in a row. This list highlights professionals in a variety of industries and regions who are building communities and starting thoughtful conversations on LinkedIn in their space. Our very own, Chantal Horton, Sr. Recruiter, West Territory Old Navy, was listed as #3 for retail, for sharing wins from the store teams in the region she represents for Old Navy. 

Her posts are like a scrapbook, with each successive photo highlighting a different team at a different store in the territory where she recruits. 

Read on to see what makes Chantal #oldnavyproud.

HOW DO YOU APPROACH WHAT YOU POST ON LINKEDIN? I love to capture stories of hard work, resilience, and grit that showcase the spirit of great leaders. Posts centered around people is what I do.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE POST YOU SHARED ON LINKEDIN? I shared a post featuring our Canyon Springs store location who earned a Badge of Awesomeness from Steve and the team. The post received over 12k views and 149 reactions. Authenticity has been a major factor in my increase in views. I post the way I would speak to the business – from a place of genuine curiosity, excitement and passion for the brand. 

WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT OLD NAVY? The diversity of thought, experience and background allow for increased creativity and collaboration. Old Navy inspires me to be better every day, both for myself and my team.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR 2020: In 2020, I want to be a better woman, mom, wife, friend, teammate and influencer. I’m a huge believer in learning from past mistakes, failures and missteps. I make it a priority for myself to make every year better. 

WHATS THE BEST CAREER ADVICE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN: To do common things in an uncommon way. I continue to remind myself to be ‘all in’ in everything I do and live with the results. 

WHAT DOES BELONGING MEAN TO YOU: Belonging means that I can be myself, in a space where my ideas are valued, and I’m inspired and motivated by my peers every day. 

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: I’m crazy proud to work for an iconic brand and be associated with the Old Navy leaders who inspire teams all around the world. It helps make my job easier both as a recruiter and an influencer on LinkedIn because our wins and brand speak for itself. I also love that I can dress my family in matching Jingle Jammies every year during the holiday, because of Old Navy (see pic above). 



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