Old Navy

September 6, 2019

Mel Davies has a special knack of making everyone she meets feel like family – it’s who she is and why everyone who works with her can’t help but love her. We recently welcomed her to the Old Navy fam as Head of Executive Office, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this Gap Inc. veteran join the team.

As a mom and avid exercise fiend, Mel is a pro at work-life balance. But when she’s in the office, she’s a total. boss. She has built her career by gaining the trust of leaders across various (and very different) functions including HR, Foundation and Finance. Her secret to building a long-lasting and versatile career? Being her authentic self.

Read on to learn what makes Mel #oldnavyproud!

YOUR TIME AT GAP INC.: 12.5 years total, including 2.5 months at Old Navy.
WHY YOU'VE STAYED IN THE GAP INC. FAM: I love the people I work with every day – they make Gap Inc. a fabulous place to work.
YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK: I'm married and I have two daughters (age 12 + 14) and 2 dogs. I’m Irish and I come from a big family (youngest of 11), so family is really important to me. Weekends are spent outside doing something fun like shopping, swimming, biking or hiking.
YOUR CAREER JOURNEY: I have worked in HR, Foundation and Finance – while all corporate, all very different. It’s great to learn more about the different functions in the company – it teaches you to be flexible and open minded each time you jump into a new department.
HOW YOU’VE SUCCEEDED THROUGHOUT YOUR CAREER: No matter who I’m working with, I am always myself. You have to really get to know the leaders you’re supporting and build a strong relationship so that you work well together.
YOUR CAREER #PROTIP: If you want something – go for it.  Don’t hold yourself back because you are scared or unsure – take the leap.

WHAT MAKES A #GREATBOSS: Someone who is open and honest with you and gives/receives feedback well. Trusting each other is also extremely important.

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: The company is not afraid to take a stand in times of crisis and they encourage employees to be themselves and stand up for their beliefs.


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