Old Navy

August 9, 2019

We all know those high-performing teams that know how to #getitdone and squeeze more fun out of life together in the process – and Visual Merchandising/Styling is one of them. This team plays a unique and crucial role in the brand, helping to marry strategy and storytelling to create unique product experiences that compel customers to try, touch and buy.

We sat down with the team to find out what makes them a power-house group and why they're #oldnavyproud! 

YOUR TEAM WORKS ON: We work on virtually every project that is consumer facing. We don’t just make things look pretty; we strive to marry the art with the science, using the visual to enhance the experience and drive the bottom line.

YOUR TEAM IS: We have a super open-minded and learning-obsessed team culture. We joke that we are an ecosystem – complex and interconnected, with every individual member imperative to the team’s success. We celebrate our unique strengths and believe that our differences only make us stronger.

YOUR TEAM ROCKS BECAUSE: We have built a foundation of respect and mutual admiration, and we also genuinely enjoy spending time together. The leaders operate with as much transparency as possible, and ideas are welcomed from all team members. We're all for everyone jumping in and doing what needs to be done in the most effective way. We also spend a lot of time focusing on people’s career development and try to give everyone a lot of diverse responsibilities, roles and access to special projects (there are a TON of them!).

A DAY IN THE LIFE FOR YOUR TEAM IS: At any given time, we are juggling work on four seasons, so we're always working quickly! We are a team of early risers and our day starts early with group text of the daily rundown, and who’s covering what. We also make a concerted effort to sit down and enjoy lunch together in order to align on projects and also connect on a human level. We constantly incorporate real time business learnings in-season and refine future strategies to evolve the customer experience.

YOUR #PROTIP FOR OTHER TEAMS: Collaboration is key – we love our cross functional partners and couldn’t do our jobs without them! The calendar never quits, but you have to prioritize getting out to our stores and keeping up on the competition. Some of our biggest unlocks have come from interacting with our customers and store teams. Lastly, we take our jobs very seriously but never pass on the opportunity for a good laugh!

WHAT MAKES YOUR TEAM #OLDNAVYPROUD: We really do squeeze more fun out of life, together!


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