Old Navy

August 2, 2019

Meet Liz Nunan, Director of External Communications and eight-year Gap Inc. veteran. At Old Navy, she shares stories of our people + our business with the world.

When she's not at Old Navy, Liz is spending time with her own fam (one of the cutest around!). Read on to learn more about Liz and her fam, why she joined Gap Parents and what makes her #oldnavyproud! 

YOUR FAM IS: Where do I begin?! I have a daughter, Alice (5) and a son, Dudley (2), and an amazing, supportive husband, Jady. Alice is a walking musical + a joke machine. She can typically be found riding her hobby horse, Beyoncé, around the house singing Billy Joel, Taylor Swift and Disney princess songs. But, I’m most proud of how she cares for her little bro. Dudley is Alice’s biggest fan, always galloping closely at her sparkly heels. And, there is no way I could survive without my partner in crime, Jady. I’m the luckiest.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE OLD NAVY PURCHASE FOR YOUR KIDS: I’m obsessed with our mini-me collections. There is something so fun about dressing in matching butterflies in the spring, pineapples in the summer and jingle jammies during the holidays. I can’t get enough (shout out to my husband for being a great sport…but, really, he loves it too).

YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH GAP PARENTS: Being a working parent is tough stuff and there is no guidebook for mom-ing (wish there were!). So Gap Parents was created to help – they provide connections, resources and support so that parents and parents-to-be can be their best selves at work and at home. It’s still a relatively new group, so there is a lot to do and there’s room to join. That said, the group has already offered inspiring panel discussions and opportunities to connect with other parents. It’s amazing to see how much energy there is around this new group, especially in this time of company change.

WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO WITH GAP PARENTS: Working with my fellow moms and dads to share what we’ve learned from our own experiences with others across the company – from navigating leave of absence to scoring the perfect childcare. The group also provides a space for parents to influence change and raise their voices about topics that we don’t address today or should be talking about more. It takes a village, right? I love that we’ve created our own village to help boost each other up and support one another both professionally and personally.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR TEAM: I work with an amazing group of people who teach me and keep me laughing every single day. I truly feel like I have two families – one at work and one at home.

YOUR GOAL FOR THE REST OF 2019: My goal is to give myself a break when I feel like I’m not able to do it all. Sometimes we need to take it easy on ourselves and recognize that we’re all trying our best. As my daughter says, “Keep it chill, daffodil!”

WHAT #BELONGING AT OLD NAVY MEANS TO YOU: I know that I can always be myself at Old Navy – sometimes I’m a well-rested professional and sometimes, I’m an exhausted, emotional mom grappling with how I’m going to juggle pickups + drop offs with my work deadlines. No matter what is going on in my life, I know I’ll always be supported. Old Navy has created a culture that makes it possible to have a great career and a family. I always feel empowered to make decisions that are best for myself and my kids.

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: I’m proud to work for a brand that is so committed to creating workplaces that are fully inclusive and equal. Our company was built on equality, and I’m so inspired by how the brand continues to bring this to life.


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