Old Navy

August 16, 2019

As a Senior Program Manager of eCommerce Operations, Anna Jimenez works with a wide range of business partners to bring our product online. And, did someone say side hustle? Anna has been teaching yoga for a year and a half, too!

The best part? She teaches here in our own HQ office through our ongoing wellness program, TLC @ MB (that stands for Mission Bay…one of the hottest areas in San Francisco)! We sat down with Anna to learn more about her life as a yogi and what makes her #oldnavyproud.

THE BEST PART ABOUT YOUR OLD NAVY TEAM: Our dedication to curiosity + improvement!

WHAT SETS OLD NAVY APART FROM OTHER RETAILERS: Our emphasis on fun, dedication to diversity and commitment to progress.  

YOUR BIGGEST GOAL FOR 2019: Be the best people manager I can be.

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: I feel seen and heard here and I’m committed to bringing our brand values to life.  

WHY YOU STARTED TEACHING YOGA: I found an amazing community at my yoga studio, CorePower Yoga. I wanted to grow and contribute to the community, so I began teaching a year and half ago.

YOUR ROLE IN TLC @ MB: I teach yoga almost every week during lunch! It’s been so great to build a new yoga community and share the ripple of Namaste with others. I end class with a full heart and big smile – a great addition to any day!

WHO CAN JOIN YOUR TLC @ MB YOGA CLASSES: Everyone at any level is welcome! Bring your body, an open mind, and prepare to have some fun! My favorite thing about yoga is that it’s practice and play-time. It’s just breathing and moving, and something we don’t have to take seriously!  

WHY PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE TLC @ MB CLASSES: They are a great opportunity to try new things, get away from your desk and make sure you’re giving yourself some you-time!  


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