Old Navy

July 26, 2019

Say hi to Jen Naigle! Since joining Old Navy in 2009, Jen has worked at our Hillsdale, Westgate, Hacienda Crossing, Valley Fair, Oakridge, Serramonte and Colma stores like. a. boss. Today, she's General Manager of our store at HQ. Read on to learn why Jen is #oldnavyproud, day in and day out.

THE BEST PART ABOUT MANAGING OUR HQ STORE: This role gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively through merchandising and product selection. I can apply all that I have learned in the field to a smaller retail space.

WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: I have a son and daughter who keep me very busy. My husband and I like to find fun local experiences that we can do as a family. Our current favorite place is the SF Zoo!

WHAT #BELONGING AT OLD NAVY MEANS TO YOU: I’m always a mother first and identifying my children’s uniqueness as a strength rather than a difference is extremely important to me; Old Navy has allowed me to take that approach while leading teams in our daily business. I see the value in understanding that everyone has unique strengths that contribute to a foundation of a team. 

YOUR BIGGEST GOAL FOR 2019: To increase sales and finish my first year in this new role strong!

FAVORITE OLD NAVY PURCHASE: The utility jackets for women! Every year they come out slightly different and better – I currently have seven!

WHAT SETS OLD NAVY APART FROM OTHER RETAILERS: Old Navy has an amazing manifesto that keeps us grounded and relevant in this ever-evolving industry. We take care of both our internal and external customers in a great way, giving back to our local communities and acknowledging that family is always the first priority. We take our business very seriously, but we have fun at the same time! 

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: After graduating college, it was important for me to find an SF-based company that I could grow with. Old Navy's investment in people development has created some of the most dynamic leaders in the business that have inspired + guided me to become the leader that I am today.  


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