Old Navy

July 12, 2019

Say hi to Chris Carlsson, Designer of Men's Denim. It’s Adoption time right now at Old Navy, which means teams are working hard on the designs we’ll all be rocking soon. In between juggling all things Adoption (and believe us, there are many things), he took the time to share the skinny on what it's like to work on Men's denim with his team and why he’s #oldnavyproud.

BEST PART OF BEING ON YOUR TEAM: The Denim team has the best energy. We have real friendships inside + outside of work, and a positive energy that cultivates creativity + excitement for our product.

YOUR ROLE IN ADOPTION: I help with the placement of denim in stores. We’ve worked hard to design product we’re excited about, and now we need to make sure it shows up in a way that gets our customer excited, too. 

YOUR FAVORITE PART OF ADOPTION: Getting the “green light” on our designs! There’s a lot of passion for the product here so sometimes adoption can get a little hectic, but having a positive reaction to our hard work is very satisfying!

WHERE YOU GET DESIGN #INSPO: I like to get lost in some of my favorite denim blogs or go down a hole in Pinterest just to see what genuinely gets me excited before anyone else tells me what’s cool. I’ll spend hours in a vintage warehouse or Etsy looking for the next big thing that was popular when it was made, but has been forgotten for 20 or 30 years. There have been decades of brilliant designs that nobody remembers, and it feels like a treasure hunt to be where nobody else is looking. It’s great seeing the landscape of what’s currently trending, but there’s no better way to start the next big trend than trusting your instincts and remembering what got you into doing what you do every single season.  

YOUR FAVORITE SEASON TO WORK ON: Every season has something fun and unique to design for, but Fall will always be my favorite. Darker wash jeans with levels of tint and destroy are always fun to design. And, denim is so important for any Fall outfit.

YOUR BIGGEST GOAL FOR 2019: My goal is to continue to push both fashion and sustainability simultaneously in our denim assortment. The denim industry has had a bad reputation for years because of its environmental impact, and we have a unique opportunity as a leader of that industry to change it.

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: Old Navy dresses America! I see our product out in public so frequently that it just reminds me how much of an impact even our smallest daily decisions have across the country.  


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