June 21, 2019

When New Yorkers flee the summer-hot city for the beaches of the Hamptons a couple of hours east, the NYC fashion trends go with them. Luckily, we’ve got two Intermix stores there to provide a fashion fix: Our two seasonal Hamptons stores open for just four months a year to ensure we’re there for clients during the vacation season.

Along with attention to detail and great product assortment, the Intermix experience depends on stylists who are dedicated to helping clients find something they love — so the Hamptons stores are staffed by many NYC Intermix stylists. That means clients are welcomed by their trusted local stylists who totally get them.

Do you remember the last time you walked into a store and the associate knew your name? Of course you do; it’s the best feeling ever. “That’s the type of experience we strive to create for our clients,” says general manager Lauren Washington, who was an Intermix client for more than a decade before joining the company. “We make the best style recommendations when we’ve built relationships.”

So what are the building blocks of those relationships? “It all starts with listening to the client’s story and understanding her personal style, what makes her feel confident, and how we can dress her to unlock that,” Lauren says. “When she trusts us, she trusts our opinions, and that’s the key. Shopping in our store should feel like we’re on this journey toward great style together, and we’re here to help you have fun along the way and leave with some incredible pieces you love.”

Diverse teams make the difference, Lauren says. “Our clients are so international that it’s important we have diverse teams; having employees who speak different languages or understand different lifestyles and cultures is crucial.” Clients who travel frequently have their tried-and-true neighborhood stores, but they’ll also want to check out the different mix of product in their vacation spots.

“We have many New York clients who share with us their vacation dates in the Hamptons, so we can ensure we have the right mix of product for when they’re there,” Lauren says. “The level of service must be consistent and dependable in every store.” It’s all part of delivering the best style in the most personal way.

If you’ll be in the Hamptons this summer, come visit us at one of our two stores: Southampton, at 64 Main St., and East Hampton, at 87 Main St. And if you’re an Intermix fan who’s interested in joining the team like Lauren did, check out our open roles here.



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