Old Navy

June 21, 2019

Being creative doesn't just happen. You need the time + space to do it! That's why Old Navy created the Creative Academy, a series of creative courses for designers + creative marketing teams to explore topics and art forms outside of their day-to-day jobs, from watercolor to ceramics and more. We've recently added new classes including sketching and color theory, and some of our employees have even helped design our classes!

We sat down with Josh Parkinson, Graphic Designer to talk about his experience taking (and creating!) Creative Academy classes and what fuels his passion to design for the next generation. Read on to learn more about how he uses his creative muscles to make our products the best they can be! 

WHAT CREATIVITY MEANS TO YOU: It's having to make a right turn, but going left three times to make it new.

WHERE YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION FROM: I am inspired by Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke and David Attenborough.
WHAT YOUR CREATIVE ACADEMY EXPERIENCE WAS LIKE: I worked with our Talent Development team to create a class customized for our graphic design team. It was a great experience. 

BEST PROJECT YOU'VE WORKED ON HERE: Creating visually captivating and educational graphics for the next generation! These kids will grow up and change the world someday, and we give them a way to express their love for everything from science to the arts.  

YOUR BIGGEST GOAL FOR 2019: To work toward more sustainable practices and create a great option for our environmentally conscious customer! Our company is one of the biggest in the industry, so even the small changes make a huge difference. 

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: Getting to work with impeccably creative and talented artists!


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