Old Navy

April 22, 2019

Old Navy’s brand manifesto begins “Imagine that the world runs right.” Those are words that have guided our brand and business decisions for the past 25 years, and we can’t imagine the world running right if we don’t show some love to our mother (Earth). Because we are all one family with one home planet. 

This Earth Day, we are excited to launch HEART EARTH, our commitment to sustainability and future gens by ethically sourcing and producing our products to ensure we are taking care of our planet and each other. So, we’ve established two sustainability goals we aim to meet by 2022, focused on where we can have the most impact: 

Old Navy sells 27,000 Rockstar jeans a day alone, making the scale of our sustainability goals around denim and cotton significant. These are big goals. But sustainability is not a trend, it’s a way of being – and we we’re excited about the progress we’ve made and the work we have ahead of us.

We'll be sharing our journey via our new HEART EARTH website, along with progress towards these goals. And, because knowledge is power, we’ll also share tips around how we all can live more sustainably.

Here's how we're keeping it 100...

We partner with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to ensure the fibers we use are good for the customer, the environment and the people who produce them. BCI farmers are dedicated to utilizing water efficiently, caring for the health of soil and natural habitats, while minimizing the impact of harmful crop protection practices. BCI also promotes the use of better irrigation practices with farmers and reduces the use of fertilizers. Some of these practices show a reduction in water use up to 50%! 

To meet our denim goal, we’re doubling down on water-saving techniques and technologies that will not only require less water in the wash and design of our denim, but it will help leave the water supply cleaner than how we found it. We truly believe we should treat the world the way we as humans want to be treated.

Everyone’s efforts count when it comes to preserving Earth and her most precious resources. It’s up to all of us to make sure that future generations have access to clean air, energy and water. And we’re excited to do our part, one pair of jeans and one tee at a time.


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