April 2, 2019

The fashion landscape has changed dramatically since Intermix made its debut in 1993, and the brand has expertly navigated every twist along the road from strictly bricks-and-mortar to a digital-first landscape. After marking 25 years in business last fall, Intermix is moving into its next phase with a strong focus on e-commerce, plus a lasting commitment to the elements that have always made it unique: an expertly curated product selection, exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else, and fashion-savvy, brand-loyal clients. We caught up recently with Intermix President, Jyothi Rao, for a chat about what’s new and what Intermix’s clients can expect to see next.

What were the highlights of the Intermix 25th anniversary celebration for you?
We launched a capsule of 25 party dresses by 25 different designers. The coordination it took to realize this collection was remarkable, and was an amazing reflection of the collaborative spirit in our culture. The outpouring of pride and love for Intermix from our employees and brand partners was truly moving. And, not least of all, the dresses sold exceptionally well!

Intermix has a strong client base with a highly refined sense of style. Can you talk about who the Intermix client is, how she shops, what her life looks like?
We actually have quite a wide range of clients, from young millennials who are still discovering their own style, to clients who have been shopping with us for years and have a more established personal style, to celebrities and their stylists who help set the trends. Whatever the life stage, our client is a woman with a full life who loves living life to its fullest! She works, and she has a family as well as a very busy social life. Our role is to make shopping easy for her by presenting a well-edited assortment of the most important trends, styles and designers of each season, and helping her style it head to toe.

What’s something you think people might be surprised to learn about Intermix?
We’re a go-to resource for many celebrity stylists, including Karla Welch (Karlie Kloss, Cindy Crawford), Micaela Erlanger (Blake Lively, Lupita Nyong’o), Monica Rose (Sofia Richie) and Erin Walsh (Kerry Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker). We also offer complimentary styling services in all of our boutiques. Everyone can come in and be a celebrity for the day!

Intermix is rapidly becoming a tech-enabled brand. How are you using digital to transform the shopping experience?
Believe it or not, we barely had an online business four years ago. Today e-commerce represents almost 30 percent of our sales, with more than 65 percent of our visits coming through mobile devices. Our cloud-based platform has given us a great deal more flexibility in managing the client experience online. We've also invested in expanding our social media presence: Follow us on Instagram at @intermixonline for our latest looks and sources of inspiration.

You’ve said that a company should always be in motion. So what’s the next move for Intermix?
We’re working on offering our clients more convenience through flexible payment options like Apple Pay, as well as more omnichannel services — so, for example, clients can buy online and pick up in store, and our stylists can use online support to give clients a better experience. Those projects are exciting, but what I'm most excited about are our plans to innovate around content to build a larger community around our brand. Stay tuned!

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