December 11, 2018

Turn the page. Scan a pic. Shop!
It just got easier to shop Athleta’s inspiring catalogs using the new “Scan to Shop” feature in the Athleta app. The feature allows customers to use their mobile device to scan any page from the current catalog and shop the products directly in the app, driving customers from physical to digital in less than a second.
“We’re excited to both empower our catalog customers with a new digital experience and encourage our app customers to subscribe to and shop Athleta’s amazing catalogs,” said Gloria Chu, senior manager of product management. “Getting this pilot out the door has been a collaborative effort between the Athleta team and PdM/GapTech, and we’re all looking forward to seeing how our customers engage with the new feature.”
Both the November 8 “Winter 2” and November 15 “Winter Gift” catalogs are currently scan-able, offering yet another innovative way to make shopping a seamless experience. Follow the easy “how-to” steps below, or check out this video.
  1. Open the Athleta app on your mobile device (if you already have the Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic app, just toggle to Athleta in the bottom nav).
  2. Tap the Scan to Shop CTA on the Featured screen.
  3. Scan any page in the current catalogs
  4. View results and tap on a product for more detail, or to add it to your bag.
Happy scanning and shopping!


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