March 16, 2018

Showing appreciation to your employees is an art form that’s constantly evolving, but it’s a key factor in keeping your people motivated. While social media has become the primary outlet for providing recognition, there are many other ways to share your gratitude.

Here are some of the ways I like to let my team know they’re valued:

1. The “old-fashioned” thank you note: While a verbal “thank you” works, a handwritten note shows employees that you’re taking extra time to acknowledge and appreciate them. Don’t worry if your handwriting is scribbles – it’s the words that matter!

2. Celebrate holidays and company initiatives: Celebrations can range from simple locker and office decorations to themed treats. Keep it fun! Create traditions during the holidays, like my store’s Elf on the Shelf, Gappy, who drops goodies for employees during the busy holiday season.

3. Create personalized experiences: Oftentimes, a simple conversation can mean the most. Carve out time to see what specifically motivates your employees, and how you can encourage them. Employees crave developmental opportunities and experiences – it’s your job to support them!

4. Cultivate an environment of appreciation: Cultivate an environment of peer-to-peer recognition – it’s up to everyone to create and foster a happy work environment! Putting the power in their hands will allow your team to feel empowered and over time, peer recognition will become second nature. Create an area where your team members can publicly thank one another or share inspiration.

5. Elevate the everyday: Seize opportunities to make the most of otherwise average days – for both your team and your customers. Pick a day – any day! – to bring in an individual treat or host a potluck party, or create another fun moment your staff will enjoy based on their personal interests. Everyone loves a surprise.

At the end of the day, leaders will find that there are truly easy, authentic ways to show appreciation to their teams. This, in turn, will improve the morale of the store and, in turn, customers. A simple thank you can lead to a thousand positive things!


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