Gap Inc.

October 5, 2017

Just a few weeks ago, we shared a little more about Gap Inc.’s vision of the future and the investments we’re making in digital to help grow our multi-channel and multi-brand customers. One of the key initiatives to address this opportunity is the recent launch of a new Multi-Tender Loyalty Program that is being tested at Old Navy stores in both Dallas and Atlanta called BRIGHT Rewards.

“We have a successful Gap Inc. credit card program where cardmembers can earn points and redeem rewards across our portfolio of brands,” said Claudia Angulo, Director, Loyalty Strategy. “With BRIGHT Rewards, we’re extending these benefits to customers who love shopping with us but might not be ready for our credit card today.

The initial test program is simple because the team’s development approach had been focused on speed to market to test and learn quickly. But offering rewards at select Old Navy stores is just the beginning.

“I’m thrilled to see this beta test go live so we can learn from our customers and associates before we expand the program,” said Dennis Bauer, SVP of Global Consumer Payments and Loyalty for Gap Inc. “We know the value of our multi-brand and multi-channel customers, and so we see a lot of potential in BRIGHT Rewards.”

In a world where time is limited but customers’ expectations for a great experience are high, it’s up to brands to build a meaningful relationship and deliver again and again.

“As we continue to learn about our BRIGHT Members, our goal is to give customers more  reasons to love us such as rewarding members for shopping with us, providing an easy shopping experience, and personalizing messages with content that is relevant to them,” said Claudia Angulo.


It’s Quick and Easy to Sign Up

For a program to be successful, the first step is an easy sign-up. A name, email and phone number is all that is needed to start earning points. An associate can use their mobile store device to register a new member either on the floor or at check out, or a customer can do it themselves through a “Text to Enroll” feature.

The Benefits are Simple

BRIGHT Rewards is designed to be easy to understand and explain. BRIGHT Members earn two points for every $1 spent at participating Old Navy stores.  Every 500 points earned is automatically converted to a $5 Reward toward Old Navy purchases. Cardmembers have a similar benefit, but they earn five points for every $1 spent earning Rewards much faster plus they enjoy additional cardmember benefits.

BRIGHT Rewards is just one of the many test programs we have in motion designed to drive loyalty to our brands and improve the customer experience both online and in stores. Stay tuned here for more updates.


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