Old Navy

October 13, 2017

The hustle. The bustle. The plaid. Yes, we do it in a big way. It’s already beginning to look a lot like Holi-YAY at Old Navy. The rush of excitement is palpable. We wait all year for the fun in stores during the holiday season. But don’t take my word for it. Here are five reasons, straight from the salesfloor, why we love the holidays at Old Navy.

We dance – in our PJs!
Because why not? Holiday shopping can be stressful. We put the fun back in shopping. On Jingle Jammie Day we pick a beat and dance in unison as one big family – right in the middle of the salesfloor. Come dance with us!

“Jingle Jammie day was hands down the most fun day our whole team has ever worked!” Sarah Waning, GM Orchard Park

“MUSIC! Music is magical, especially at Old Navy in the holidays. It can immediately transform your mood, evoke an emotion, inspire movement, create inspiration and comradery.” Angie Albright, Manager Talent Acquisition

Merry everything! #OldNavyFamily
Here, everyone is family. We celebrate the joy in the diversity of the holiday season. #lovewins

“Holiday is a time to be with your family right? Well, that's exactly what we are! We spend it with our Old Navy family! Oh, and who doesn’t love making ginger bread houses on their breaks?!” Karen More, GM Coquitlam

“It’s festive and unifying! It’s where store culture comes together and brings the best out in everyone!!!” Dario di Nardo, GM Toronto Eaton Center

We put the “happy” in happy holidays.
That magic feeling that makes you want to bake cookies, drink cider, and shimmy to holiday music. We’ve got it. Step inside.

“Fun!! Fast!! Crazy! You need to have lots of energy to keep up with our pace, but it’s so rewarding when you see how happy our employees are and how our customers are thrilled to get their shopping done and find what they want/need at Old Navy.”
Rebecca Elsdon, Field Operations Manager, Canada

“I love being able to stretch my customer service skills to the max with all the extra customers! Going that extra mile to make their holiday that much better and happier!” Kai Pettitt, Department Specialist Emerald Hills – Alberta East

We do more than sell clothes.
Doing good is good for business … because when our communities thrive, so does the company.

“Love the pace! Love participating in Adopt-a-Family and being able to give back. Also, love the fact that we are encouraged to be outgoing - we’re singing, dancing, hat wearing festive people!” Raya Hackett, GM Bayshore – East Canada

“All the potlucks and bake sales to raise money for Adopt-a-Family is why I love the holidays – just not so much for my waistline.” Allison Jones, Sr Merchandise Manager Burlington

There is always room to grow.
Some of our rockstar leaders started their careers as seasonal sales associates. Work hard. Play hard. Give it a whirl. Who knows, a side job for extra money may turn into an inspiring career!

“Right on the heels of graduating high school I couldn't think of a more important thing in life than looking stylish and making friends. Enter my seasonal associate application. Since then I have had several mini careers. Gap Inc. has provided me the ability to grow as an individual and a leader. Every. Single. Day.” Angie Albright, Manager Talent Acquisition

Get your jingle jammy on with us! Apply now.


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