Gap Inc.

June 5, 2017

Almost every job interview wraps up with the interviewer asking, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Gap Inc. recruiters have heard them all … and they’ve heard a few of them a million times. “So what’s the company culture like?” “Why do you like working here?” “What’s the employee discount?”

To make yourself stand out, skip these tired old chestnuts and ask something engaging and smart that will spark real conversation between you and the interviewer. Our recruiters shared a few of their favorite questions from candidates who made a great impression.

What made the previous person in this role successful, and what did they struggle with?
“This question shows interest in how the team works together, provides a good opportunity to discuss team dynamics and structure and lets me talk through why the position is open.”

What do you love most about working here, and what would you change if you could?
“I like this question because it’s a way to talk about the company more broadly — and because it shows that the candidate isn’t afraid of an imperfect company (or an opportunity to make a positive impact).”

What makes you proud of your brand?
“This is great because it goes beyond ‘why do you like working here?’ and gets into the reasons why I’m really committed to the company. It also gives candidates a chance to see if our brand aligns with their personal values.”

Can you share some recent examples of innovation?
“I love it when candidates aren’t afraid to ask questions that are a little bit challenging! This lets me show candidates that we value new ideas and gives me an entrée to discuss ways we encourage innovative thinking company-wide.”

What’s the one thing that wowed you about working here the first day you walked through the doors?
“This is a wonderful question for building camaraderie with your interviewer, and a way to convey that you want to picture yourself having that same kind of experience.”

If I were to join the Gap Inc. family, what kind of impact could I make?
“We want to hire people who want to make a difference. If you ask this question, I know that you’re one of those people — and the answer will help you gauge how you might fit here.”

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