Gap Inc.

March 30, 2017

Trying to figure out what to say on your résumé and how to say it? Gap Inc.’s recruiters see hundreds of résumés every week from people eager to join our team. Here’s what they want you to know about how to catch their eye.

Start strong. “Don’t just write a couple of throwaway lines at the start of your résumé about your experience and interests. Use that space to give us some real insights into what you’ve learned and what you want to do. Next should be an overview of what your current and previous jobs are all about [more on this below]. And, of course, make sure it’s all clearly formatted and laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way.”

That cool thing you did? Tell us about it. “Focus on the impact you had, not on what was listed in your job description. We tend to know the usual job responsibilities — so show us how you’re different from what we might expect. If you’re in tech support, we’ll assume you ‘assisted customers with computer issues.’ But we won’t know that you set up a satellite office for 200 users, or that you led peer training for new hires. What did you build, create, design or lead? That’s the stuff we want to know about.”

Use your words. “A few stats are okay — tell us if you improved sales by X percent or X dollars — but don’t make them the centerpiece of your document.”

Be true to your school. “When you list your education, indicate whether you’re still in school or have already graduated.”

Last but not least: Make sure we know how to find you! “Put your contact information in an obvious place … you wouldn’t believe how many people bury this critical info. Hyperlink your email address, your LinkedIn profile [make it a short link, please. Here’s how], your portfolio if applicable, and your social media accounts.”

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