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March 31, 2017

Our recruiters are the wise gatekeepers to the amazing career opportunities at Gap Inc. They’ve seen it all (and then some) from job candidates. We asked a few of them to share their tips on how to make a job-interview impression that sets you apart from the crowd … in the best possible way.

Be yourself. “The Gap Inc. culture is all about authenticity, so we love it when job candidates bring their authentic selves to an interview. (We’re also pretty good at being able to tell when a candidate is a inauthentic.)”

Do your homework. “All five Gap Inc. brands sell fantastic apparel … but we do so much more than that! Research our company so you can have a smart conversation about things like the conscientious ways we get products to market, or our commitment to the community. Anytime a candidate can talk about the company beyond ‘I like your clothes! I’ve been buying them since I was a kid,’ I’m super impressed.”

Use LinkedIn. “If you have an interview with a hiring manager, either on the phone or face to face, you have that person’s name. Take the time to look them up on LinkedIn — not to recite their entire résumé back to them, but to show that you have a level of investment in the position. That makes you different from candidates who don’t bother to do a little extra.”

Practice selling yourself. “Tell us about projects you’re proud of in a way that gets beyond the short little verbs on your résumé. How did you work through the project? What was the outcome for your team? Your process? The organization?”

Know that we’re on your side. “The person interviewing you is actually cheering for you to do well, not trying to trip you up. An engaged, enthusiastic and gracious attitude is what your interviewer will remember long after your answers fade.”

Prepare, prepare, prepare. When you think you’re done, prepare some more. “You know you’re probably going to get questions about how you’ve overcome adversity or shown initiative or adapted to change. Get ready to tell focused, specific stories from your past that bring those moments to life.”

Come armed with questions. “You’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you.”

Be open to possibilities. “Don’t try to pigeonhole yourself into a particular role or job. More than anything, we’re looking for great people who fit our culture. The person interviewing you is likely to know where your personality and skills would enhance a team.”

Leverage your network. “If you can get a current Gap Inc. employee to refer you to us, you come into the interview with an advantage.”

Don’t forget the basics. “Bring a copy of your résumé and portfolio with you. And always remember that a solid handshake and good eye contact go a long way.”

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