Gap Inc.

March 15, 2016

"It's not an accomplishment," says Gap Inc. CEO Art Peck of equality and inclusion in business. "It's the way the world should work."

Everyone should have the opportunity to stand as equals and thrive, says Peck, adding that this culture was established by Gap Inc. co-founders Doris and Don Fisher, as partners with an equal stake in one of the first specialty retail stores, 46 years ago. Their belief to "do more than sell clothes" planted the seeds for a culture of equality, inclusion and opportunity that is embedded in the company's DNA.

Gap Inc. is being honored with the 2016 Catalyst Award for leadership on equal pay for equal work, strong representation of women at all levels, and commitment to advancing the lives of one million women through P.A.C.E., Gap Inc.'s education and life skills program.

Today, women make up more than 75 percent of Gap Inc.'s worldwide employee base, from store managers through the CEO's senior leadership team. Additionally, women currently lead four out of five Gap Inc. brands. In 2014, Gap Inc. became the first Fortune 500 company to announce that it pays female and male employees equally for equal work around the world.

"We are honored and grateful to receive the 2016 Catalyst Award, and we remain committed to the values of equality and inclusion, unlocking new possibilities for our company and the people touched by our business around the world," says Peck.


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