Gap Inc.

September 5, 2012

We’re having a celebration, this month, to mark a milestone -- Gap Foundation’s 35th anniversary. That’s 35 years of partnerships and programs helping people Be what’s possible.

Gap Foundation was started in 1977, just eight years after Gap opened for business. Our founders, Doris and Don Fisher, knew they wanted their company to do more than sell clothes. They led by example, and inspired employees to make a difference. Since then, Gap Foundation has established many programs that create opportunities around the world for women and underserved youth.

Employees carry the Be what’s possible spirit even further. They partner with the nonprofits within their communities, donate their time and share their skills. This month, Gap Foundation is honoring employees who create possibilities for others. The foundation has selected 35 people – one for each year it’s been around – who represent what it means to Be what’s possible.

The honorees are making a difference in communities all around the world.Chase Perrett is being recognized for his leadership on the This Way Ahead program with The Door, a New York City group that helps young people develop the skills they need for school, work and life. Chase says his inspiration came from a time in his life when he lacked confidence. Now he’s on a mission. “If I can pay it forward,” he says, “and work hand-in-hand and with young people in building their confidence and crushing their fears, then I’m good.”

Be what’s possible - For Chase this means smiling, laughing, and having fun to “impact other people’s days in a really cool way.”  

People like Chase help evoke what our company is about. So, cheers. Here’s to another 35 years of possibilities!


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