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October 8, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, October 8, 2008 – Today, Gap launched its “Vote for“ initiative [], a campaign that provides a platform for Americans to express their passions, opinions and ideas during one of the most important election seasons facing our nation.

Centered on a customizable classic white t-shirt that simply says, “Vote for _____.”, Gap is encouraging Americans to fill in the blank with whatever word, expression or presidential candidate they are passionate about. In addition to the “Vote for _____.” t-shirt, Gap is also providing other ways for Americans to engage with the initiative – from heartfelt and playful webisodes and Facebook Flair, to “Vote for” buttons and an original song called “Songs Of Freedom” by musician Matt White. Vote for _____.” t-shirts will available for purchase on on Oct. 15, and in stores nationwide beginning Oct. 23 through Election Day on Nov. 4, while supplies last.

“For nearly 40 years, self expression and individuality have been an integral part of the heart and soul of Gap,” said Ivy Ross, executive vice president of Gap Marketing. “With this historic election upon us, we wanted to provide Americans with a platform to voice their opinions.”

As part of the campaign, Gap has enlisted the support of political activist and American TV and film icon Norman Lear who founded Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan campaign aiming to empower every eligible American to register to vote. Norman participated in the Gap “Vote for” campaign by creating his own Webisode about how every single vote counts. Furthermore, Gap has selected 70 everyday Americans who will showcase their passions via their “Vote for ____.” t-shirts featured in Gap store windows across the country Oct. 23 through Nov. 4.

How Voters Can Participate in “Vote for”:

Hear what Thought Leaders and Celebs Vote for at To get voters thinking about what they “Vote for,” Gap enlisted the help of 10 personalities and thought-leaders to create their own ‘Vote for” videos at Participants include Bill Maher, Norman Lear, Cameron Sinclair, Perez Hilton, Mark Cuban, Olivia Munn, Kristen Bell, The Cool Kids, John Picard and Minka Kelly who “Vote for” a range of passions from “Imagining New Energy” to “BBQ.” Voters can embed their favorite videos on personal blogs and other websites.

“Songs Of Freedom” by Matt White: Singer/songwriter Matt White designed his own “Vote for Love.” t-shirt, inspired by his single “Love” off his debut album ‘Best Days,’ which he wore throughout his summer tour and in his new music video, “Love.” Motivated by his t-shirt and the “Vote for” campaign, Matt collaborated with Gap on a song called “Songs Of Freedom,” which is all about expressing yourself. The song, inspired by people in the past who have put a stake in the ground by saying things that incite thought and conversation, can be heard in Gap stores nationwide, on,, and is available on iTunes. Fans can view behind-the-scenes footage of Matt White writing and recording “Songs Of Freedom” at

Visit Facebook to Voice Your Passions with Flair and Join Gap’s Fan Page: To show friends what you stand for, Gap has created 300 unique Facebook “Vote for” buttons that can be added to your profile or sent to friends. Facebookers can access the gallery of buttons at, Facebook’s Pieces of Flair application or Gap’s Facebook Fan Page. Additionally, people can join Gap’s Facebook Fan Page where they can catch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the celebrity “Vote for” shoots, hear about upcoming Matt White events and receive a special promotional offer for 15 percent off any purchase at Gap.

Purchase Exclusive Artist Buttons: Gap has enlisted 10 renowned artists including Fab5Freddy, John Baldessari, Adam Pendleton, Kara Walker, Nate Lowman, John Waters, Deborah Kass, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Laurie Simmons and Sean Landers to express themselves by designing a limited edition “Vote for” button. Beginning Oct. 23, customers can purchase the limited edition buttons in select stores nationwide for $5 each with a $1 from every purchase donated to Declare Yourself. Starting Oct. 23, Gap will be auctioning off an exclusive set of the 10 limited edition buttons autographed by the artists on eBay. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Declare Yourself.

Visit the Gap Concept Store on NYC’s 5th Avenue: From Oct. 24 through Nov. 4, Gap’s New York City concept store, next to its flagship store at 54th & 5th Ave, will give Americans a chance to express themselves in a voting booth of a different kind. Visitors to the store can purchase and create their own personalized “Vote for” t-shirt with Gap’s whimsical t-shirt generator. After casting their vote on how to fill in the blank including color choice, font and “campaign theme song,” guests can watch as their blank “Vote for” t-shirt enters the generator and undergoes a self-expression makeover by a series of robots with their campaign theme song blasting in the background. Additionally, “Vote for” t-shirts inspired by the thought leaders and celebrities featured on, including Bill Maher, Norman Lear, Cameron Sinclair, Perez Hilton, Mark Cuban, Olivia Munn, Kristen Bell, The Cool Kids, John Picard and Minka Kelly will be on display.

Visit to voice what you’re passionate about today.


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